Another week flown by

It’s been another event-filled week for us with work, movies, theater classes, orthodontics, Awana, small group, babysitting, date night, church retreat, church, drama practice, Facetime with friends… Monday, Jay Pea and I finished up our work day at Monkabeans again while Doodle and K-Cat went to theater classes; it’s nice to be able to work in a different environment once in a while and blueberry … Continue reading Another week flown by

Jealous females?

We’ve spent the night watching a movie full of them – jealous females, I mean.  A jealous pixie, jealous mermaids, and a jealous young girl.  Disney’s Peter Pan was originally released on February 3, 1953, so we are willing to be forgiving when Captain Hook tells Smee, “A jealous female can be tricked into anything.”  It is interesting to see how the females are portrayed and sad … Continue reading Jealous females?