A big vacation and more Disney movies…

Once again, it’s been two weeks since my last update, but, this time, I think I have a good excuse!  Last Saturday, when the reminder came up for me to blog, I was actually getting ready to get on an airplane…

I’ll get to the details of that, but, first, a quick update on the week before last…

Saturday, April 23, was a free food weekend at IKEA.  In case you’ve never experienced this, basically, they add a credit to your purchases up to $100 for any food you buy in their cafe during that same visit.  We like to save any furniture purchasing for these weekends because we really like IKEA meatballs!  Really…

So, for a little background, last fall, when Hubby and The Godfather were tearing down walls in the kitchen, there was a small accident when a very large cabinet fell onto my beloved dining room table.  The weight and impact split the base of the table which Hubby patched up with some pieces of wood nailed across key sections to keep the legs from splitting further.  Well, since that time, I had been trying to figure out what type of table we should get and hoping to find one at a decent price.  With that in mind, we headed for IKEA to see what options they might have on this free food weekend.

If you look closely at the picture, you will probably notice that it is actually a patio table – the model is Angso, but I love it; I also think that it fits really well with the white island and the bead-board stairs.  So, we did buy it, and it looks great in the dining room – plus, it’s big enough for everyone without overwhelming the room – bonus!

The rest of that week was spent on the usual subjects – church, small group, email, work, school, movies at home…  Wednesday night was the last night of Awana for this school year so we now have one more free night in our lives – must be almost summer!

Okay, so back to the airplane…  Hubby, Doodle, and I made plans some time ago to celebrate Doodle’s 16th birthday early with a trip to Disney in Florida instead of a party in the fall.  We got in late on Saturday, found our timeshare, got some dinner at McDonald’s, and headed for bed so that Doodle and I could be up early to go to Animal Kingdom.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, I’ve likely mentioned that Animal Kingdom is Hubby’s least favorite park, so he was more than happy to stay home while we ventured our Sunday morning.  We walked the Maharajah Jungle Trek and then rode the train back to the Conservation Station – both things we have not done for a very long time.  A little before lunchtime, we called Hubby and headed back to pick him up.  He suggested a trip to one of our favorite places in Central Florida – Skyline Chili!  So, we loaded into the car and drove about 2 hours over to Clearwater for coneys and three-ways!

We got back to Orlando in time for short naps before heading over to Magic Kingdom to ride a couple of our favorite rides before the park closed at midnight.

Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday, I stayed at the timeshare and worked while Hubby and Doodle went to do some of their favorite things at Disney.  I went back with them each evening after dinner which we grabbed at places like BW3, Applebee’s, Texas Roadhouse, and Moe’s.  Thursday, I was able to take a vacation day and spent the whole day at Hollywood Studios with Doodle and Hubby checking out all of the new Star Wars stuff!  I really liked the storm trooper patrols near the Animation Courtyard.

That night, we said good-bye to the parks a little early and headed back to our timeshare to pack.  Friday morning, we were up at 5:30 and headed to the airport at 6 a.m.  It turned out to be much too early for Doodle’s stomach, and she ended up getting out of the security line to run to the restroom and get sick!  UGH…

Luckily, she was TSA Pre-Checked so while Hubby and I waited patiently in the really long security line to walk through the scanners, Doodle came back to security and slipped through the Pre-Check line!  She ended up having to wait for us on the other side for about 15 minutes!  Did I mention the security line as MCO (Orlando’s airport) was VERY long??

When we finally got through security, we were able to catch a tram right away over to the terminals – unfortunately, we got on the WRONG tram!  So, after riding it back to the main terminal and getting on the right tram, we made it to our gate a mere two minutes before they closed the boarding doors!  Whew!

The nice thing about an early flight home though was that we were back in Minneapolis by 11 a.m. with plenty of time to adjust back into real life before the weekend!  It was a great trip and so much fun to have one-on-one time with our third who is growing up so very quickly!

Speaking of kids who are growing up too fast – last night, Loo Hoo and I hung out with Doodle and K-Cat watching some more old Disney movies.  We are now officially into movies released in the 70’s, but we only have about 3 months until Loo Hoo leaves for at least five months – so, we need to do a lot of Disney movie binge watching!

Unfortunately, we had to skip The Jungle Book – definitely plan to come back to it, but it is hard to find that one on VHS which is how we’ve chosen to watch all of these (Goodwill sells VHS tapes for only $0.20 each!).  So, we watched The Aristo Cats (1970) and Robin Hood (1973).  The Aristo Cats was the last movie approved by Walt Disney for Disney Studios to create.  He died before work began on that one.  As I’ve noted before, one of the most interesting parts of watching all of these old movies is the cultural learning that comes – for instance, both of these movies have characters who are drunk at one point (a “marinated” goose and Sir Hiss who swims in the Ale barrel) – don’t see that much in Disney movies these days!

It is hard to say which movie I liked best as I have always enjoyed The Aristo Cats although I don’t actually like the part with Scat Cat and his band singing Everybody Wants to Be a Cat – not my style of music, I guess; but, I do like Thomas O’Malley!  And, I really like Roger Miller as the rooster/narrator in Robin Hood – that is much more my style of music.  I guess if I only had time to watch one of them, I would probably pick Robin Hood just because I like the cute little rabbit girls!


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