Another visit from Glass Doctor and a CD Release

I am amazed sometimes when I look back over the time since my last blog update at the number of things that we cram into our days.  I think it amazes me because I know that we are not nearly as busy as many of our friends whose schedules are full of extracurricular activities for their kids – I have no idea how they do it because I feel like I don’t have nearly enough time in my days without all of those things!

We did have several exciting days over the last week and a half.

Jay Pea and I went on a dinner date to Piada, a fairly new restaurant in Chanhassen that serves “Italian Street Food.”  While I’m still not sure what that means exactly, they had a selection of wraps and pasta, and the food was very good and very filling.

Doodle and I went on a lunch date; it was actually more of a shopping date with a stop for snacks at Taco Bell.  Doodle bought new shoes at Plato’s Closet, and we found a couple of treasures at Goodwill.  This was also her first day of highway driving!  She is now up to just over 6 hours of drive time with about 1 hour at night…  still a long way to go before she gets her license in the Fall.

Hubby and I went on a dinner date – we actually drove around looking at potential dream houses (more about that later) and then ended up at Dickey’s BBQ in Chaska for dinner.  While the BBQ was good, we are always disappointed because they are ALWAYS out of baked potatoes…  wondering why they put these on their menu if they never have them available!

We had two family dinners out – one to Davanni’s for pizza and one to Cracker Barrel for comfort food (read as dumplings and chicken fried chicken).

K-Cat and Doodle had a brush with fame this week (at least a few minutes of fame in our little circle) – Grace Church released it’s fourth worship CD on Wednesday evening.  K-Cat has a solo on it so she got to sing on stage at the release event, and Doodle was part of the dance crew for a really fun hip-hop song that is on this year’s CD.  You can listen to clips or download songs here:  G-O-D by Roots Kids Worship (Grace Church) – K-Cat’s solo on Track 5.

On Friday morning, Glass Doctor was back at our house to replace the same window they replaced a few weeks ago – it broke two days after they installed it!  We were definitely thankful for the warranty!

On Friday night, we went to the Gamers’ house and, as always, had a blast hanging out with them, eating dinner, playing games, and listening to favorite songs from the 80’s (our own little version of Name that Tune).

Sunday, we actually visited an open house in Chaska – it turned out not to be the dream home we hoped it was… it was built in the early 1900’s and had been added onto throughout the years in very strange and interesting ways (not always in good interesting ways!).  It was also built on a hill with a creek at the bottom of it, and it showed a lot of possible water damage from run-off over the years.  The land and the creek were gorgeous, but we decided it was more of a nightmare than a dream…  We did get to look at another house just up the road from that one that definitely captured our imagination.  Unfortunately, we learned that most of the land around that home has already been sold to developers, and, so, it is only a matter of time until the little house in the country would be the little house behind the strip mall on the corner (ugh!).

However, the bug to continue to dream is there… we are not in a hurry and still haven’t even decided that we would want a different house – we do love our little White House, but there are some things like land and a soaker tub that we’d really like to have one day…

So, this update ends with a couple of early mornings Monday and today for K-Cat and Doodle as they have been doing MCA testing at ITT Technical Institute – one of the fun part of doing school online is going to testing centers for required testing at 7:30 in the morning.  It is a challenge for the girls because school usually starts at 9:30 here.  Needless to say, everyone is a little tired tonight so I’m off to tuck them in and call it a day!


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