Two Weeks Again??

I’ve asked it before, but I’ll ask it again…  where does the time go??

We’ve been keeping busy, enjoying the warmer, rainier weather as Spring in Minnesota has sprung with temps between 20 degrees and 70 degrees in a given week…

Easter Sunday, we celebrated Christ’s resurrection with church in the morning and then a quiet family day.  Doodle went to Nana and Grandpa’s that afternoon.  She stayed for a few nights and then hubby and I met them 1/2 way to have dinner at Taco Bell for hubby’s birthday and to bring Doodle back home.

We had a couple of family dinners out – Noodles & Company one week and BW3 the next (hard to go there and not think about bingo!).  Hubby and I also snuck out a couple of times for date night – LeeAnn Chin both times (gotta love those text coupons for BOGO meals!).

Doodle and K-Cat had a sleepover at Minecrafter’s house, and we spent a few nights creating dances for Vacation Bible School songs for this summer (3 down, 1 to go!).  Practice kicks off in early May…

The girls and I spent a lot of time binge watching Netflix when I wasn’t working or practicing driving with Doodle (she’s up to about 5 hours behind the wheel now with about 30 mins of that at night!).  There’s only been one really scary moment when a car almost backed into us near our house… a reminder to Doodle to watch when she is backing up as this driver was not!

Yesterday, we spent several hours going through memory boxes with the girls – it was fun finding treasures from the past and laughing about memories…  again I’ll ask, where does the time go??


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