Two weeks have flown by!

I was doing so well with weekly updates and then we went to Chicago!  Sunday two weeks ago, Hubby and I drove to Schaumburg after church on Sunday for a week-long Awana conference.  It was a great chance to meet leaders from other large clubs as well as Awana staff and to think about ideas for how to make our club better.  The conference started on Monday afternoon and ended Thursday.

We were able to have breakfast Monday morning at one of our favorite places in Chicago – Richard Walker’s Pancake House!  I had biscuits and gravy and Hubby had banana nut pancakes.  SO YUMMY!

The conference started early on Tuesday with a tour of the Awana shipment center and warehouse and then a four-hour bus ride to Appleton, Wisconsin, to see a club with about 800 kids!  We got a lot of good ideas to think about including new things to do with visitors and a focus on learning the meaning of verses instead of just learning lots of verses.

Wednesday, we went to a club in St. Charles near Chicago that does Awana but all of their book work is done at home so that club time can be focused on lessons and relationships.  It was an interesting model; kids get engaged with each other and with their leaders on a deeper level and spend time understanding the meaning of the verses and not just learning the verses.

Thursday morning, we got on the road early to make it back in time for small group at our house and for Mema and PawPaw to arrive just before bedtime.  Their flight was a little late, but our group ran a little late so the timing ended up being perfect!

Our weekend was spent hanging out with Mema and PawPaw playing games, watching movies, and looking at old family pictures.  We also took my car into Midas for new struts (ugh!)…  Some of my favorite movies we watched over the weekend – The Music Man (on DVD which I got for Christmas – love my old musicals!) and Zootopia (at the theater on Saturday afternoon).

Saturday morning, K-Cat and Doodle had their last day of theater classes which ended with a scene presentation.  They each got to be in two scenes, and they did very well (if I do say so myself!)…  They both miss theater classes and are looking forward to doing this again next year.

Sunday night, we had the first of three birthday celebrations for Hubby – he will turn 45 later this week!  He was excited to get a Broncos Superbowl Champion ball cap and t-shirt and to have a Dairy Queen ice cream cake!

Monday, Mema and PawPaw flew home on Monday morning after the three of us spent a little over an hour visiting and eating at IHOP – it was nice to have some time to just sit and catch up after a fun weekend with the whole family.

This week, Doodle finished Driver’s Ed and tested on Friday for her permit!  She passed with flying colors and we’ve had two practice sessions now in parking lots – one was even in the rain!  She’s logged just under an hour of drive time so far – only 49 hours and 10 mins to go before her birthday this Fall.

Last night, Nana and Grandpa drove down to for Easter weekend; we went to Good Friday service and then, today, celebrated Hubby’s birthday (for a second time with Cold Stone ice cream cake).  Hubby is now trying to figure out how to spend his birthday money – so many choices!

Loo Hoo, Doodle, and K-Cat ended tonight dying Easter eggs…  this year’s theme was Disney.  I have to say, I definitely think those girls are very creative and very talented!


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