Grand Prix and Disney movies

Awana Grand Prix – session two was much smaller, but it was still a great time!

It’s been another week full of email and meetings and, basically, work…

I did get a special treat on Wednesday this week – Loo Hoo caught the bus downtown and met me for lunch!  We went to Baja Sol and then spent about an hour wandering around the skyways.  We went to Barnes & Noble, Target, and Marshal’s…  didn’t buy anything but sure had fun window shopping.

This week at Awana, we had our first ever Father/Daughter event.  For many years, we’ve hosted a Mother/Daughter tea around this time, but Bingo Bud (whom I co-lead with) and I thought it would be fun to alternate years with a Mother/Daughter – Father/Son and Mother/Son – Father/Daughter event.  So, this year, we decided to give it a try.  We had a game night complete with a father-daughter speaker team.  We ended up with about 30 -35 girls and their fathers (and some mothers and some brothers) – a good time was had by all so I’m looking forward to doing it again in a couple of years.  Next year will be Mother/Daughter again 🙂

Today, Doodle and K-Cat had theater in the morning while Hubby, Jay Pea, and Loo Hoo went to Grace for Awana Grand Prix.  The other girls and I made it there in time for the second session which had very light turn-out so it went very quickly.  Hubby says there was a full house for the early session!

Tonight, Loo Hoo and I are back to Disney movies – we watched two movies that were made over 10 years apart.  We started with Alice and Wonderland because we missed it when it came up in order – Loo Hoo has been getting the movies on VHS at Goodwill, and this one was hard to find!  Alice in Wonderland was made in 1951; it’s a very strange story anyway so it makes for an interesting but confusing movie.  I think it’s because we spend so much time trying to figure out the message or meaning behind what is happening, but maybe the point is that there is no message or meaning.  Loo Hoo thought that all of the vignette stories in Wonderland, especially the one with the walrus and the oysters, were very disturbing.  She’s also pretty sure that Lewis Carroll who wrote the original story must have been on drugs!

We have just started Sword and the Stone – this one was made in 1963 and is the story of King Arthur and the Sword of Excalibur.  This is another movie that I’m not sure I understand all of the things happening – for instance, why exactly do Merlin and Arthur spend so much time being singing fish?  I do like Archimedes though!


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