A New Window, Disney Movies, and Dinners Out

After a very simple week last week, this one was filled with a lot more activity…  last Sunday, K-Cat went to The Hanger at Airborne Studios to record for this year’s Grace Church Children’s CD.  She’s been there before, but I got to go this time to pick her up and see the operation – quite impressive and fun to see her in the sound room with her headset on laying down tracks!  We are anxious for the CD release in April.

That night, Loo Hoo and I settle in to watch our next Disney movie – 101 Dalmatians.  This movie was originally released in 1961 and used to be one of Jay Pea’s favorites (so I’ve seen it many times).  Jay Pea used to call it “101 Puppynations” – I guess that made more sense to her than Dalmatians 🙂  If you haven’t seen it, it is the story of a dog named Pongo and his “pet” Roger and, yep, you guessed it, 99 puppies.  The main villain, Cruella DeVil, yells a lot and uses the word “idiot” a lot, but the puppies are really cute and funny – especially Rolly.  Next in the line up is Sword in the Stone (of course, we also need to go back to Alice in Wonderland at some point – which we missed!).

Monday was Leap Day (February 29); after Doodle and K-Cat finished theater class, we took the whole family out to Rainforest Cafe’ at Mall of America.  They recently moved to the second floor and renovated.  The new place looks great, and the periodic rainstorm sounds better than ever – something the two younger girls would not have appreciated in the past, but, luckily, they are old enough now that it was actually fun!

Tuesday was Driver’s Ed for Doodle – only four more classes to go before she can test for her driver’s permit; Wednesday was Awana; and Thursday was small groups – two of them actually as I went to a mom’s group in the afternoon and then we hosted the parenting group at our house in the evening.

Friday afternoon, Glass Doctor came to replace a picture window in the family room – it cracked in the cold several weeks ago.  It was pretty amazing to watch them set up the scaffolding, take out the old window, replace one of the sides of the double-pain, and then put it all back together – all while it was snowing outside!

That night, we went to Chick Fil-A (a family favorite) for dinner and then came home to binge watch Fuller House (yes, we are suckers, and we are hooked) and The Middle.

Yesterday, the sun was out and the weather was heating up…  Spring is definitely within sight!  Doodle and K-Cat had theater class in the morning; I took the time to go to Perkins for breakfast and to do some work.  Loo Hoo and I snuck out for a date for lunch that afternoon – Eden Prairie Mall for Sbarro pizza and shopping – while Hubby and the younger girls set up the trampoline – another sign that Spring is right around the corner!

We ended our week with a fun evening at home where The Boss and his family came over to play games, eat tacos, and just spend some time catching up with each other!



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