A Mini-Vacation – sort of…

Hubby and I were able to sneak out of town this past week for a couple of days – not far, just up to Brainerd, MN, a couple of hours north of The Cities.  The weather is getting slightly warmer, and it was nice have a change of scenery.  Thursday and Friday are my work from home days, and there was no Awana this week, so Wednesday night we packed our bags and went up to Breezy Point.  I had calls most of the day Thursday and Friday, but we enjoyed some time walking around the lake area, eating out, and watching movies in the late afternoon and evening.

After checking out on Saturday morning, we met Nana and Grandpa in Motley, MN, at a truck stop for brunch on the way back home – always fun to catch up with them in person!  When I got home Saturday, K-Cat and I headed out right away for a date – haircuts, Dairy Queen, and a stop at the Eden Prairie Mall.  We grabbed McDonald’s on the way home for everyone and spent part of the evening catching up on DVR TV shows as a family (mostly – Jay Pea was out with friends!).

The rest of Saturday night was spent watching two more Disney cartoon movies, Lady and the Tramp and Sleeping Beauty.  We have now watched 9 of the 13 movies that Walt himself was part of creating.  Both movies are good, but I liked Lady and the Tramp best although a lot of it is very dark (color-wise, not theme-wise).  The rat is very scary looking, and it is really sad when Aunt Sarah locks Tramp up and calls the pound and when Trusty gets hit by the horse cart near the end.  Like all Disney movies, of course, there is a happy ending, and we did find it strange that ALL of the girl puppies looked exactly like Lady and the boy puppy looked exactly like Tramp.

Sleeping Beauty was good; there were a couple of things that we picked out that we had not noticed before – Maleficent calls on “all the powers of hell” at one point when she is fighting Prince Phillip; in Disney World’s version at Fantasmic, she calls on “all the powers of evil” – a little softer version than the original!  Also, I hadn’t remembered that Aurora and Phillip were so tied together from Aurora’s birth; it was cute to see him as a little boy meeting her and then to see them fall in love later not knowing that they were already pledged to be married to each other.

Another big highlight from this week that I definitely don’t want to forget to mention is that Doodle has started Driver’s Ed!!  She has 8 lessons to go before she can test for her permit and then six months to wait for her license, but it is going to happen this year!  Uff da…


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