Another week flown by

It’s been another event-filled week for us with work, movies, theater classes, orthodontics, Awana, small group, babysitting, date night, church retreat, church, drama practice, Facetime with friends…

Monday, Jay Pea and I finished up our work day at Monkabeans again while Doodle and K-Cat went to theater classes; it’s nice to be able to work in a different environment once in a while and blueberry cobbler steamers make it even nicer!

Tuesday night, the whole family went to see Kung Fu Panda 3 at Marcus Theater in Shakopee – great value with $5 movies and free popcorn!  The movie itself was not so great.  K-Cat loved it; the rest of us endured it…  Luckily, it was short!

Wednesday, Doodle and I had orthodontic appointments.  I’m down to only a few months left on mine.  Doodle is still in the early stages which means while they took some metal out of my mouth, they added more metal to hers – bottom braces and a lingual bar.  As usual, the day ended with Awana and McDonald’s.

Thursday was work and small group at our house – the kids are all getting to know each other, and it is so much fun to have so many little ones here!

Friday, I led a coffee chat at work on the topic of embracing obstacles for growth and creating disruption – yes, it’s a big industry buzzword these days, but it is fun to reflect on how the idea of expected change or chaos drives change because it fits my personal life and professional life so well!  That night was date night with Hubby – dinner at LeeAnn Chin (love their BOGO deals) and then home to watch movies on Netflix.  Loo Hoo and K-Cat left before dinner time to go to a church retreat for the weekend!

Saturday, Jay Pea and I drove Doodle to theater classes and then enjoyed breakfast at Bruegger’s Bagels while catching up on work.  Doodle had to babysit for a new family that afternoon and evening, and Jay Pea went out with friends, so Hubby and I had a quiet house for watching more movies.  We got a surprise invitation to Facetime with Ukraine, Braids, and Legos!  They moved to Texas last summer, and things are going very well for them.  Baby Boy (Ukraine’s youngest) has grown up so much – he’s even talking!

Sunday was a VERY lazy day knowing there was a holiday on Monday; Hubby slept a lot to recover from a cold he has been battling for some time.  Loo Hoo and Doodle got home exhausted – so they slept most of the afternoon.  Jay Pay had stayed over at her friend’s house the night before so she also slept…  Doodle and I watched TV while I caught up on email again.  Everyone was awake after dinner, and we laid around more watching movies – an activity our pets love especially when it is cold and they want to cuddle!


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