High ho…

It was one of those weeks again where most of my time was spent on work – either at work or at home…  we have a critical deadline approaching on a key initiative and there have been several days when we thought we’ve have to “red light” the whole thing!  Thankfully, I work with a great team of people who have come up with great solutions, but it takes a lot of extra time to keep the boat upright!  So, I definitely feel like singing, “High ho, high ho, it’s off to work I go… again” these days.

Last week, in addition to work, the girls had drama classes on Monday before the big snowfall arrived Tuesday afternoon.  I left work a little after 2 p.m. and didn’t get home until after 4 p.m.!  The bus was PACKED… standing room only!  Actually, the first bus drove right past the bus stop without stopping because it was already full of people – to the point of standing…  luckily, the bus line put extra buses out, so at least I didn’t have to wait 30 minutes for another bus to come!

That night, we celebrated Groundhog Day with our annual viewing of the movie with the same name – one of my all-time favorites with some great quotable lines:

  • “Don’t drive angry!  Don’t drive angry!”
  • “I make the weather…”
  • “I’m not THE God…”
  • “Bing!”

Wednesday, the roads were too bad to leave the house, so I worked from home.  We had Awana that night followed by McDonald’s for dinner while watching an episode of The Goldbergs.

Thursday and Friday are my normal work from home days but I did have to venture into the main office Thursday afternoon for meetings – then back home for small group at our house.  Friday night we were back at church for Awana Bonus Night while Doodle and K-Cat went to Dare To Share – a conference for young people encouraging them to share their faith with their friends.  They had that Friday night and all day Saturday.  They were both pretty tired when we picked them up tonight and headed out to Fuddruckers.  We enjoyed dinner and spent some quality time together as a family before coming home to watch Season One, Episode One of The Gilmore Girls.

Crossing my fingers for a few less hours at work this week…


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