Another productive week…

So in addition to working, working, working this week, I did manage to get a few other things done…

Saturday morning, I scanned over 1,000 pictures at Target – love their Rapid Scanner! Took about 90 minutes to get them all done and cost less than $20…

Monday afternoon, I was able to leave the office early, and Jay Pea and I went to a coffee shop (Munkabeans) in Hopkins to work for a couple of hours – super cute and VERY yummy steamers!  A great way to work…  (and thanks Jay Pea for taking such a fun picture for us).

Thursday evening, we finished up the family room updates – hung new lights and painted one of our favorite scriptures on the wall.  Finished just minutes before families started showing up for a new small group that we’ve agreed to lead on Thursdays for several months.  We are going to work through Rob Rienow’s book, Visionary Parenting – very excited to do this; love his vision and message about raising children.

Yesterday, we finished the downstairs projects with lighting in the entry way.  This has always been a very dark spot in the house, and it is great to have a new can light there (thanks, PawPaw, for the many hours on Skype helping us figure out the wiring).  Doodle, K-Cat, and I also snuck in a few hours of shopping at Goodwill – K-Cat found a great pair of blue heels, but it is hard to believe she is that grown up now!

Tonight, the family is gathered around the TV watching Grease live on TV – which OBVIOUSLY means sing alongs 🙂  A fun way to end another week…


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