Jealous females?

We’ve spent the night watching a movie full of them – jealous females, I mean.  A jealous pixie, jealous mermaids, and a jealous young girl.  Disney’s Peter Pan was originally released on February 3, 1953, so we are willing to be forgiving when Captain Hook tells Smee, “A jealous female can be tricked into anything.”  It is interesting to see how the females are portrayed and sad to see Tinker Bell worry about the size of her hips when she sees herself in a hand mirror.

Loo Hoo and I have decided to pick up where we left off a couple years ago in watching Disney Classic movies.  This time, we are focused only on the animated movies – partly because Loo Hoo has been collecting these in VHS format from Goodwill for several years, and she has not watched many of them.  The biggest surprise for me in this movie – how very conceited Peter is (his favorite phrases seem to be, “Watch this” and “Look at me;” I suppose those are fitting for a boy that doesn’t want to grow up though.)  I was also surprised when Captain Hook murders one of the pirates on his ship – shooting him for singing.

What else have we done this week?  Well, you can see from the picture that we’ve made great progress with the kitchen – can lights and hanging lights are in!  Now, if we can just figure out the wiring for the entry way light!  I spent several hours on Skype with PawPaw this week; I think we are getting there.  I’m grateful for technology that allows us to be in the same room even though we are very far apart – I know I couldn’t figure any of this out without him!

For me, it was also a week of very late nights and a lot of work – even more so than normal… so it is definitely nice to be welcoming the weekend with a quiet night at home.

Up next…  Lady and the Tramp!



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