The Work Continues…

Last weekend and this weekend, we shopped for lights for the kitchen at Menard’s and IKEA (love their free food weekends).  Ended up getting can lights and a hanging light for over the island.  Hubby is busy today crawling around in the attic wiring for the new lights – such a trooper as it is a balmy -2 degrees outside right now!

We also had several dates this week – Doodle and I went out the Saturday before last to buy a late secret Santa gift; we had lunch at Subway and spent some time visiting about driver’s ed, friends, vacations, and so many other things.  Hubby and I went out Friday night to Ruby Tuesdays and then came home and watched The King and I with the girls.  It is definitely not a politically correct movie, and we learned that it is actually banned in Thailand (which used to be Siam where the movie takes place) for the way it portraits the king of Siam.

Other notable things this week – The Gamers were over on Saturday night for a full evening of games (what else!?).  K-Cat came home from Nana’s the Sunday before last; we had Awana on Wednesday night, and Jay Pea and I met one of the other Awana leaders for coffee on Saturday morning just to spend some time getting to know each other.

I spent a fair amount of time working on Sunday afternoon and evening, but, to be fair, I spent plenty of time weeding out and organizing old pictures this week (uploaded over 10,000 to an online site for safekeeping).  Also on Tuesday night, I actually spent about three hours researching Hubby’s family tree.  It started out innocent enough looking up a few immigration facts on for Doodle for school.  But then I wandered into the available hints section and found myself quickly sucked down a rabbit hole!  It was a lot of fun reminding myself of some of the interesting stories in Hubby’s family tree – things like:  he might be related to Prince John (from the Robin Hood stories); his ancestors came to America around the time of the Mayflower and settled in an area near where Glitter and her family live today; and there are a lot of Germans and Norwegians left to explore in his tree!  But, that will have to wait for another tangent…


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