Here We Go Again…

So, I got this great email from Word Press recapping my 2015 year in blogging and there were only FIVE posts listed (UGH!!)…  FIVE posts for the whole year??  What happened!?

Well, the easy answer is that blogging dropped off my radar… I think it happened about the time that I changed jobs at Nielsen at the end of July.  I moved back into Retail Services working onsite at Target which I LOVE, but it has meant more work hours and much less working at home.

I’m not sure of the intention of the recap from Word Press, but it has prompted me to put blogging back on my calendar – not daily, but weekly.  Crossing my fingers that I can stick to it and at least double my posts for 2016!

I’m not going to take up your time or mine trying to recap the end of 2015, but I will share a recap of this week’s high points and then drop in a couple of highlight pictures from 2015 – hopefully, it will be engaging enough to keep your attention…

It was a relatively quiet week – lots of work for me, a new job for Loo Hoo, and school is back in session for K-Cat and Doodle.

New Year’s Day – we celebrated Nana’s birthday with her in Frazee then drove back home on Saturday; Jay Pea, Loo Hoo, and I went to a movie Saturday afternoon

Loo Hoo started her new job on Monday – she is nannying for one of Scott’s cousin’s and loves spending her days holding a baby.

There were a couple doctor appointments and a dentist appointment; I learned that I do not have kidney stones (that’s good news!)

And to end the week, K-Cat headed up to Frazee for a very late birthday trip… she’ll be home in a couple of days.

End of 2015 highlight pictures:


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