March 4, 2015 – an “inspired posting”

Well, Jay Pea updated her blog so I figured I should do the same. I also was introduced several weeks ago to the Timehop app which scours my Facebook posts to give me a “This Day in My Personal History” update, and it’s been so fun to read old posts! Therefore, here I am again…

Technically, it’s only been a couple of weeks, and it is the coldest part of winter – or at least it feels like it – in Minnesota so we haven’t been up to much! I’ve been working a lot as my current project teams are very small due to a stretch on resources at work. They are trying to add staff as quickly as possible, but the learning curve is steep and it will take some time for everyone to get up to speed.

K-Cat spent a few days at Nana’s house for her long overdue birthday visit – every year we realize that having a birthday near the end of the year means that K-Cat’s birthday celebrations need to be long before or long after her birthday or it all seems to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

We also had a big get-together at The Jordans’ house with many of Hubby’s cousins – it was nice to get out of the city and it’s always great to spend time with the aunts, uncles, and cousins. K-Cat and Doodle got out on the farm and explored the hills and valleys in the cold – much braver than I am! We were also introduced to a new game – Carcassone. It’s a game of random cards that make up paths and villages; the goal is to claim roads, abbeys, and villages to get points. We had so much fun playing it that we bought it the next week! We’ve played it a couple of times already and can’t wait to share it with The Gamers…

In somewhat big news, I got my first official glasses – just for reading and working; well, technically, for any close up work. My distance vision is great, but close up… well, not so much! I’m adjusting to them as I went with “transitional office lenses” – basically a lens with a graduated focus so I can see close up and computer screen distance without having to look over the top of the glasses.

In not so big news, our Jamberrys arrived, and we’ve had a fun time doing manicures. It took a little bit to get the hang of putting them on, but it is fun to have “custom” nails. They work well with my acrylics and give me another option over the pre-painted ones – which, those who know me well will understand, is very important to me.

We’ve also managed to squeeze in a movie at home – We Bought a Zoo (which we’ve seen before, but we could watch over and over again – at least I could); crocheted three new scarves – two infinity and one like a small shawl; took K-Cat on a date to Applebee’s for late-night apps, Doodle on a date Potbelly which just opened in town and a visit to several model homes in the area – no, we’re not moving, just checking out the decorating, and Loo Hoo on a date for late night apps at Perkins after she got off work.

Rolling and cutting homemade egg noodles for German night
Rolling and cutting homemade egg noodles for German night

This last week, we had German night again – a way to explore our heritage and help the girls learn German which they are both studying in school this year. We had spätzle (which ended up being homemade egg noodles – my mom and grandmother’s recipe – as we were not able to press our “dough” through a strainer to get the right noodle shape), hot dogs with sauerkraut, and raspberry/chocolate torte. Then we spent about an hour playing Just Dance Disney in German! I’m not sure how much German anyone actually learned, but we do know that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in English is only slightly different auf Deutsch!

Ready to cook the noodles!
Ready to cook the noodles!

This past Sunday, Jay Pea treated the whole family to dinner at Culver’s and Loo Hoo bought the movie Big Hero 6 for us to watch. It was a lot of fun to hang out with all six of us – one of those things we took for granted when the kids were little that we treasure now that they are all running in their own directions so often…

Hard to believe it is March already, but I am grateful that the weather forecast is showing warmer temps are coming soon – I may actually get to put my space heater back into storage in the next few weeks!

I have to make a last-minute confession before I post this update – when I started writing this, I thought, “This is going to be a very boring update; all I’ve been doing is working!” I am definitely encouraged in looking at all of the fun things we’ve managed to do and am reminded that counting our blessing sometimes takes a conscious effort to sit down and look back at reality instead of relying on current perception! Thank you, Lord, for so many small blessings in the midst of a busy life…


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