February 16, 2015 – only 10 days since the last one!

What have we been up to in the last week and a half? Well, we found time to sneak in a night with The Gamers. As always, it was great fun catching up, eating pizza, and, of course, playing games! We also went to Water Park of America – an annual favorite event for us. The Grace Church Children’s Ministry does a leader appreciation event for families who volunteer in ministry. It is always a blast to hang out with the people you serve with every week; it’s hard to get to know people when you’re teaching, so it’s nice to have time to just visit!

K-Cat riding the surf at WPOA
K-Cat riding the surf at WPOA

I had a very busy work week last week – lots of hours leading up to a trip to Dallas for a client meeting on Friday. The meeting went great; so, it was definitely worth the extra work. Dallas was beautiful – the weather was warm, and I’d forgotten just how flat “Out West” can be. The landscape is different from Colorado, but similar enough to the Eastern Plains that it made me a little homesick for Denver!

Wow - Texas is REALLY flat!
Wow – Texas is REALLY flat!

I came home to a very busy weekend – K-Cat and Doodle had a CD recording session Friday night; then K-Cat had a sleepover at a friend’s house. Doodle had a sleepover at a friend’s on Saturday night; Loo Hoo was on a church retreat all weekend, and Jay Pea had a Valentine’s Day sleepover with her friends also! It was nice on Sunday afternoon to have everyone back home and to have some family downtime. We spent the evening playing Dance Central – the Country and Michael Jackson versions! Yes; a strange combination, but perfect for us.

Today was technically a holiday, but I spent most of the day catching up on email while the girls and Hubby enjoyed the day off of school and work. We did sneak out to Taco Bell and Target for lunch and some shopping, but then it was back home and back to work. I was given the gift of time late today when I received a call that due to weather in Cincinnati, my work trip for this week was being cancelled… I’m sad to not get to see the Skyline Dealers, but I’m looking forward to having a productive week at home!


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