2014 – Day 287 thru Day 334 – October 14 thru November 30

Okay… okay… so this blog thing is REALLY hard to keep up on these days! This trend of writing every 50 days or so must be broken! There may be hope as, believe it or not, our lives have actually slowed down some, and, going in to the end of the year, our schedule doesn’t look too insane!

But first, let me backtrack… hmm, let’s see – what were we doing in October?! Well, right after my last blog update, I headed out of town for work – back to Connecticut for a quick overnight trip then home again for MEA weekend at The Gamers’ cabin. The weekend was spent playing in leaves, playing games, and playing at a local Octoberfest event!

At The Gamers' cabin for a beautiful late Fall weekend
At The Gamers’ cabin for a beautiful late Fall weekend

Drama rehearsals continued for me and K-Cat throughout the month, every Sunday, but that also meant that we got to have lunch after practice with just the two of us. We decided to try all of the Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavors starting with the Chocolate menu and then working our way through Candy and Fruit. K-Cat discovered a new favorite in the process – French Silk Pie! Me? Well, I’m still partial to anything with brownie pieces, but I definitely love the ones with pineapple too… guess it’s good to have options!

Visiting Winter and Hope in Tampa
Visiting Winter and Hope in Tampa

At the end of the month, Doodle, K-Cat, and I headed down to Florida for a week with Mema and PawPaw. We created a fun video and went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. A highlight for all of us though was driving over to Tampa to see Winter and Hope at the Clearwater Beach Aquarium. In case you don’t know, Winter and Hope are the dolphins from the Dolphin Tail movies. I didn’t have very high expectations for what to expect, but I was very impressed! It was really fun to see them, but especially to see Winter and to see that the place they live actually looks almost exactly like the movie portrayed it. I definitely recommend taking the time to see them if you have the opportunity!

Ready for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party as the Aristocats
Ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as the Aristocats

We got home just in time for trick-or-treating on Friday night with my Bingo Bud Girlfriend and her youngest kids and to say “good-bye” to Ukraine and her kids as they moved out that weekend. It was definitely bittersweet – we miss having them around, but we are glad that they are doing well as a family on their own.

My new car!
My new car!

We rolled into November with high expectations as Jay Pea started her job mid-month, she and I both bought new cars the first of the month, and we went on a quick road trip to Cincinnati! My new car? It’s a 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid – light blue with a sunroof… yes, that was the one primary thing on my wish list for my next new car. It’s actually really nice to be driving a car that is less than 15 years old; although I did love the ’98 Altima, and it’s still a great car even at nearly 200,000 miles!

Also, this month, we went to the last Crown College football season game. It was much colder than the first game, but there is still something about being at a game that makes it so much more fun to watch. Of course, it helps that The Gamers were there too.

Mid-month, we packed up my new car and headed south to Cincinnati to see The Skyline Dealers! It was a fast weekend but so worth the trip. It is always great to see friends, especially those who you can pick up with right where you left off without missing a beat. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 7 years since we lived in Cincinnati. Driving back in there still felt kind of like coming home… I got to eat Cincinnati chili everyday while I was there, too!

The next weekend, we celebrated K-Cat’s 12th birthday with her friends at AirMaxx; Hubby and I hung out, watched the kids playing, and started daydreaming about how we should celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next spring.

K-Cat flipping into the foam pit at AirMaxx!
K-Cat flipping into the foam pit at AirMaxx!
Thanksgiving dinner at home...
Thanksgiving dinner at home…

I think that just about catches us up! This past weekend was Thanksgiving which means we ate too much and then went shopping for way too long. We were actually very disappointed with our traditional Black Friday shopping night – not sure if it was all of the people shopping online and not out in the stores or that the stores had longer hours or fewer door busters, but there were really no crowds to be out in (which is the whole reason we go out anyway – just to be in the craziness of the night). Without the crazy, it’s just very late night shopping and none of us really like shopping enough to do it all night long! So, we’re already re-thinking our options for next Black Friday… no idea what the future holds there, but it’s hard to accept when your traditions have to change because of reasons beyond your control!

So, tomorrow, it’s back to work! The Christmas decorations are up and the countdown to the holiday has begun – Chex Mix and Ritz cracker cookies have been made, and we are planning a few family date nights for movies and holiday activities… now if only it wasn’t so cold in Minnesota!


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