2014 – Day 224 thru Day 238 – August 12 thru August 26

So, like the rest of our months this year, August has flown by.  In the last few weeks, we spent three days at camp with about 20 kids in 6th through 8th grade.  Nana and Grandpa visited and took Doodle and K-Cat to Grandparent Camp – an overnight at Camp Victory in Rochester.  We drafted our fantasy football teams, and we celebrated Doodle’s birthday. 

Hanging out at camp
Hanging out at camp

August 12, the four of us headed out to Wisconsin to volunteer as leaders for three days at the Retreat Center.  The weather was beautiful, and we had a great time hanging out with the kids at camp.  We met a bunch of kids who live at Little Earth, a Native American community in Minneapolis, and we got to spend a lot of time hanging out around the pool. 

Friday night, Nana and Grandpa came to pick up Doodle and K-Cat for another night at camp.  We watched a movie Friday night and then they left on Saturday morning.  This camp was much different from the one we’d been at earlier in the week.  This one was focused on hanging out with grandparents.  I hear there was a zip line, crafts, and worship time.  The report on Sunday was that even though the food was not great and the terrain was rough, everyone had a good time.  K-Cat did get a big bruise on her arm from climbing up to the zip line, but it didn’t seem to slow her down too much. 

While the girls were out of town, Hubby and I spent the weekend cleaning house and finishing our home improvement projects to get the lower level ready for Ukraine and her family. 

Monday and Tuesday were work days, and K-Cat had her last small group meeting.  She will miss hanging out with her friends from group every week. 

Wednesday night was our fantasy football draft with the gang from BW3; I did pretty well, in my humble opinion – scored Peyton Manning out of the gate, much to Hubby’s chagrin (sorry again, babe!).  We did have to squeeze in getting new front tires on my car Wednesday between work and fantasy football.  Hubby came home to find that my front driver’s side tire was flat.  Tire’s Plus reported that there was no damage to the tire, but the tread was so thin that air was leaking through the tire!  Guess that meant it was time for new tires… 

Thursday night, Hubby took the girls to a movie in Hopkins; I stayed home and worked – some days are like that.  Friday night, we took Doodle out for dinner at Red Robin to celebrate her upcoming birthday.  We then came home and spent the night looking at videos and pictures of her life.  So much fun for this mom! 

Doodle's birthday dessert at Red Robin
Doodle’s birthday dessert at Red Robin

Saturday, Hubby had two fantasy football drafts so he was gone all day; Doodle babysat for The Boss that night, and K-Cat and I went out for a date – dessert and shopping! 

Sunday was a long day out of the house; after church, I drove to Little Falls to meet Nana and Grandpa so that Doodle could go to their house for a few nights.  I got home at about 5 p.m., changed clothes, and headed out to a memorial service for The Musician’s mom.  After a short, fast battle with cancer, she passed away early last week.  I never actually met her, but she hired Loo Hoo at Happy Hearts earlier this year so it was nice to learn more about her life at the memorial.  I will always be grateful that she took the chance on Loo Hoo; it helped her to figure out that working at a daycare full-time is not the dream job she thought it would be. 

At the end of my crazy day, Loo Hoo nominated me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Of course, I could have said no or pretended that I didn’t see it, but what fun would that have been?  So, I ended Sunday having ice water dumped on my head for fun and donating to ALS adult stem cell research.  

What a TAD looks like...
What a TAD looks like…

Yesterday morning I had my TADS (temporary anchoring devices) installed in my mouth; little pins that screw into the jaw bone – four of them!  I knew there would be some pain, but I have to admit it was worse than I thought it would be.  I ended up taking part of the afternoon off of work to sleep and then not getting much else done the rest of the day. 

Today was much better; there is still some pain, but it is not unbearable.  I was able to work all day and even into tonight – feeling much more caught up again.  Ukraine and her kids are here for the first night tonight.  K-Cat is watching Wreck It Ralph and enjoying her new “siblings”!  Another good end to a long day…  


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