2014 – Day 217 thru Day 223 – August 5 thru August 11

First, we are excited to share that our family is growing again…  kind of…  Ukraine and her three children will be moving into the lower level of our house in a few days and staying possibly until December.  They need a place to live and we have plenty of that!  That means, however, that we have spent the last few days focused on getting the lower level cleaned up and livable.

That being said, last week was a whirlwind of working and home improvement.  I had a consultation on Tuesday for TADS which will be placed in my mouth (four of them) later this month!  Woo hoo…  more mouth work!  The worst part about this one is that I found out that, after they install the TADS, they hook them to the horseshoe bar which goes across the top of my mouth with several rubber bands – sounds pleasant!  Should make eating interesting again…

Tuesday night, K-Cat and Doodle and I had a sleepover in the TV Room.  We went to Target first and picked up some snacks and a craft and a game that was a on clearance – Funny or Die.  It’s a cute game, much like Apples to Apples where you match pictures to captions and try to get other players to vote for your match as the best.

Wednesday, we had Dish Network come out to repair our Hopper connection.  After three hours of laying new cable lines, which the technician thought was the causing the issue, he finally determined we needed a new Hopper box.  It only took another hour to install that and set it up…  unfortunately, we lost all of our DVR shows with this change.  Sure hope Loo Hoo was done watching everything she recorded before she left!

Wednesday night, we went to BW3 with The Bingo Buddies and The Norwegians to celebrate my birthday.  It was fun to be back there even if there was no bingo to play.  It was great to see Shorty (our favorite server) again too!

At the playground to celebrate my birthday!
At the playground to celebrate my birthday!

Thursday, we had a shrimp boil at work (well, after work in a park nearby) and then I celebrated my birthday again with Hubby, Doodle, and K-Cat.  We went to Noodles & Co. for dinner and then to a local playground before coming home and watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding and old episodes of Friends for several hours.

The weekend, as I mentioned, was a whirlwind – shopping, tearing up old carpet and flooring, laying new flooring, reworking plumbing, sorting stuff stored in extra bedrooms, and figuring out what to store and what to keep (that part has actually been really good for us since we’ve lived here for nearly seven years – we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff…  purging some of it has been refreshing!).  Unfortunately, it is taking some time to get our rooms upstairs back in order as we adjust some of our living space.

Tonight, we registered K-Cat and Doodle for fall activities – a good sign that school will be starting soon…  K-Cat had small group again and the rest of us worked on more purging, cleaning, and moving things around.  It’s exhausting but fun work; of course, I will be really glad when we are done!

We did get to Skype with Jay Pea and Loo Hoo several times over the weekend – partly to get their opinions on things we were planning to get rid of but also to hear about their adventures in Florida!  The bottom line around here is that all is good in our lives as summer begins to wind down…  bring on the fall colors and school routines!


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