2014 – Day 210 thru Day 216 – July 29 thru August 4

Hard to believe it’s only a week since my last update; it seems much longer than that!

Dinner - K-Cat made a picnic in the house!
Dinner – K-Cat made a picnic in the house!

The recap…  last week was spent mostly working for me and Hubby; K-Cat and Doodle spent a lot of time hanging out at home and enjoying their last few weeks before school starts (the first box of curriculum arrived today!).  The French Teacher spent a few more days visiting downtown, and we all enjoyed the last few days of July.

Hubby and I have started running again – only a couple of miles at a time and fairly slowly.  I want to be careful and to build up slowly so that I have no problems with my hip or knee again.  We ran just under two miles on July 29, just over two miles on July 31, and about 2.5 miles on Sunday – off to a great start!

Wednesday, K-Cat and Doodle spent the day with the French students at Feed My Starving Children and Air Maxx.  They had a great time with friends.  Unfortunately, the Bingo Buddies’ oldest son’s day was not quite so great as he landed wrong on a trampoline and ended up with a broken leg, ending his football season for this year.

That evening, we had planned to go to the Red Birds’ final season game, but I ended up having to work.  Hubby barbecued burgers and made mac & cheese, and we spent the evening hanging out at home instead.

A late night visitor on the window
A late night visitor on the window

Thursday night, we had a luau at the Norwegians’ house to say good-bye to the French students as their flight home was Friday evening.  It was hard to see The French Teacher go; I really enjoyed having her here and getting to know about her life in France and also getting to see our city through her eyes.

Saturday, Hubby and I spent most of the day moving our bedroom out of the basement and back up to the master bedroom which Loo Hoo had been using for some time before she moved out.  It is nice to be back on the same floor as the girls again, and this summer has been mild enough that we are able to sleep just fine.

Sunday, we were back at church; it’s my month to teach Sunday school.  The girls helped in the classroom which was a huge blessing as we had over 30 kids this weekend!  That afternoon, we had a new friend (we’ll call her Ukraine) and her three children over for lunch and hanging out to play with the girls.  It was great getting to sit and visit, and we are looking forward to visiting with her family again.

That afternoon, Doodle and I went on a date to Target to buy school supplies to donate at church.  It was a lot of fun turning her loose with the shopping list and letting her pick things for someone else.  We treated ourselves to Starbucks and spent some time catching up while we were shopping.  That night, K-Cat and I went on a date to Applebee’s for late night appetizers.  Again, it was a great treat to get to spend time one on one talking about whatever came to mind.  I am grateful that we are able to take time to spend time with our girls individually, and I really miss doing it with the older ones!

Love being at work!  =P
Love being at work! =P

Today was work again; we had tacos at home for dinner and then Hubby and I took K-Cat out to small group.  We spent a couple of hours browsing for home improvement products – bathroom counters, carpet, kitchen cabinets…  I’ve got quite a list again of things that I want to do eventually in the house – starting with taking down a wall!  Time to call the Godfather to see if he can help talk us through making this change…  the fun never ends around here!


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