2014 – Day 196 thru Day 198 – July 15 thru July 17

A few big things happening this week – thought I’d sneak in another blog update…

Loo Hoo is home!
Loo Hoo is home!

First and very much foremost, Loo Hoo got home Tuesday morning safe and sound after an amazing 10 days in Israel.  She had a ton of pictures to share, stories to tell, and gifts to give.  The French Teacher, Doodle, and K-Cat went with the French students to Valleyfair for the day – I hear they had a great time.  They stayed until the park closed, and they got to see the fireworks!

Hubby went to work, and Loo Hoo and I stayed home, looked at her pictures, finished her unpacking and repacking, and loaded the car for her next big adventure.  Hubby came home and made turkey and mashed potatoes for dinner – YUM!!

Wednesday afternoon, Loo Hoo, Hubby, Doodle, and K-Cat piled into the car and headed south.  They will be in Orlando soon where Loo Hoo will officially move in with Jay Pea!  It was hard to let them go!  Luckily, I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning that I couldn’t miss so there was no dallying in saying good-bye.  The French Teacher and I rented a Redbox movie, had Spaghetti Alfredo and cheese toast, and looked at pictures from my years in North Dakota and Alaska.  It was a fun night.

This morning, I started on my next big adventure – braces!  It took about 90 minutes to have them put on.  The goal is to get my bottom teeth aligned so that I will not have future issues with gum recession like I faced last year.  Gum grafting is definitely something I want to avoid again!  Right now, the braces are only on the top as they need to move those teeth before they can put the bottoms on without me knocking them off.


Yes, they hurt; yes, I’m excited about having them and fixing my cross bite and my bottom jaw alignment; and, no, I don’t think I will miss crunchy, sticky, chewy, or hard foods…  guess we’ll see as I am supposed to be in these for 24 to 28 months!  That should give me plenty of time to miss those things…  I go in again in September, but in the interim, I will have temporary anchoring devices installed – this is QUITE a process!

On a side note (and yet still related), I had Chef Boyardee Chicken and Rice for dinner as it was soft and easy to chew – however, chewing with braces will definitely be a learned skill to avoid biting my tongue!  More updates to come as I adjust to this big change.


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