2014 – Day 188 thru Day 195 – July 7 thru July 14

I know it’s surprising that I’m writing again when it’s only been about a week since the last update…  I actually have a note on my calendar to write EVERY day – but you can see how well having that note actually works for me!

Poached salmon and roasted potatoes with spinach - dinner in Chicago; so good!
Poached salmon and roasted potatoes with spinach – dinner in Chicago; so good!

So, last Monday, July 7, I worked all day and then flew to Chicago for meetings on Tuesday.  It was a good trip – presentations and meetings went well, rental car was nice (Chevy Impala), food was great (poached salmon), and I got a lot of email done!  It was good to get home on Tuesday night though; I definitely sleep better at home.

Kraft Headquarters - yep, the mac & cheese people!
Kraft Headquarters – yep, the mac & cheese people!

Wednesday, after work, I spent most of the night cleaning and getting the house ready for hosting the French Teacher (a good nickname for her; obviously, a fitting description) – she arrived on Saturday night, and it was great to finally meet her.  But, I’ll get to that in a few moments.

Thursday morning I went to the Orthodontist – the first of many visits.  They made impressions and put spacers between my molars (if you haven’t had them, they are small pieces of metal that are meant to push the molars apart so the brace bands will fit on the teeth) – NOT pleasant in any way and still pretty painful as they move.  Only a few days left with those before the next step in this process.

AND the Kool-Aid people - Oh, Yeah!
AND the Kool-Aid people – Oh, Yeah!

I then headed into the office for a day full of meetings and then a happy hour networking event that afternoon.  It was fun to catch up with so many coworkers that I don’t see often.  Doodle spent the day with friends at Valleyfair, and it was my job to pick her up so I took off for the drive from Cooper’s Pub in West End to Shakopee – it took nearly an hour to get there, but mostly because I had to stop for gas on the way and there was a line at the Costco gas station.

That night, we drove to Frazee for a quick visit with Nana and Grandpa.  I spent the drive working on an analysis and presentation before realizing that my laptop power cord was still at home!  Luckily, Walmart was open early on Friday morning, and I was able to get a universal charger (whew!) and get my work done on Friday.

Saturday, we went to a big craft festival in Phelps Mill – K-Cat and I found what I think may be my favorite craft show purchase in a long time…  Unfortunately, the vendor didn’t have a name for her craft, but they were essentially wraps made specifically to create hair buns.  Basically, it’s a fabric pocket with wire in it and a hole in the middle for you to pull your hair through and then twist/wrap.  I’m hoping to find more online or to order them directly from the vendor (unfortunately, I have her street address only – she does not have a website and only takes checks!)…

On the tractor ride to the craft fair from the parking area at Phelps Mills
On the tractor ride to the craft fair from the parking area at Phelps Mills

Saturday night, we got home with plenty of time to spare before picking up the French Teacher.  When we pulled into the garage, we noticed a strong sour odor…  turns out the freezer in the garage was not closed all the way – UGH!!!  The good news is that we are suffering through a chilly July which means that there was still some ice on our meat in the freezer.  We did end up throwing a lot of frozen dinners and pizzas, but the beef, chicken, and turkey seemed to be okay – still partly frozen and very cold!

After cleaning up the water mess in the garage, we went out to pick up the French Teacher and spent the rest of the evening visiting and letting her get settled into the house.

Sunday, after church, we went to the Norwegians’ house for a party with all of the French students and the French Teacher.  It was a fun BBQ potluck and pool party complete with World Cup Soccer.  The weather was good, although still a little chilly for July in Minnesota.  After a long, fun afternoon, we came home, had Papa John’s pizza for dinner, and watched the movie Marley & Me.  I’d forgotten how funny and sad that movie is – and, I think I’ve decided that K-Cat is not allowed to watch it anymore.  She sobbed for about 30 minutes after the movie ended because she started thinking about how old our dog is…  uff da!

Today was a work day for me; the French Teacher ventured off to downtown Minneapolis to see the sites and meet a friend from St. Paul.  Hubby worked; K-Cat and Doodle hung out at home watching movies, playing games, and reading, and, from all reports, Loo Hoo got on a plane leaving Israel!  Yes, she is on her way home as I write this – very anxious to see her and to hear all about her trip before her next big adventure begins.


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