2014 – Day 169 thru Day 187 – June 18 thru July 6

Uff… once again, it’s been way too long since the last blog update!  The big news is that the tree is completely gone from the backyard!  To look at it, you’d never guess that it was ever there even – Hubby did a great job removing it and cleaning up the leaves, branches, and damage to the patio bricks.

Summer Near Disaster #2 avoided!
Summer Near Disaster #2 avoided!

He also did a great job saving us from disaster the next week when we had significant rainfall and a lake in the backyard – smart thinking to use the pond pump to get the water out of the yard!

Lake Clever Monkey
Lake Clever Monkey

Vacation Bible School finished up at Grace on Friday, June 20, with the annual Friday night event.  It was fun to see Doodle and Loo Hoo on stage worshiping through dance, song, and drama!  Loo Hoo and I were able to sneak in a date night on Thursday that week – dinner, shopping, and eyebrow waxing (the ultimate girls’ night out).

That weekend, Doodle and K-Cat had sleepovers with friends; I had a coffee Skype date with Jay Pea and dates with Doodle and K-Cat – a busy weekend, but well-worth it with tons of memories made!  Doodle and I went to lunch at Applebee’s and then shopping for camp.  We also spent time talking about and planning classes for high school.  She is thinking about a college degree in Computer Science.  K-Cat and I had dinner at BW3 and then more shopping – seems there is always something to buy with kids heading off to camp, cabins, Israel, and Florida!

Stylebook and scrambled eggs - the perfect start to my day!
Stylebook and scrambled eggs – the perfect start to my day!

I also discovered my new favorite app this weekend – it’s called Stylebook.  It lets you take pictures of your clothes and mix and match them which would be great if that were it, but you can also note on a calendar what outfits you wear and track how often you are wearing (or not wearing) your clothes.  You can also create packing lists based on the outfits you build.  It fits my Type A personality quite well, or so I’ve been told!

Doodle and friends at camp!
Doodle and friends at camp!

Sunday afternoon, Doodle and Loo Hoo left for junior high camp for church – Doodle as a camper; Loo Hoo as a counselor.  Thankfully, the week went by quickly, although it would have been fun to have a little more free time with K-Cat during her week as an only child.  We did get to see Maleficent at the theater – good movie although somewhat predictable.  Of course, I actually like predictable movies – it’s good to know you can count on laughs, tears, and a happy ending.

Loo Hoo as a Tourist in Israel, circa 1948, for VBS
Loo Hoo as a Tourist in Israel, circa 1948, for VBS

Thursday night, K-Cat and I got to babysit The Boss’s kids – it wasn’t planned, but it was a great blessing!  We had a lot of fun with them watching Tinker Bell movies and hanging out.  It was fun to have little ones around for a few hours…

Doodle on VBS Praise Team
Doodle on VBS Praise Team


Unfortunately, that night, I started feeling pretty sick – ended up at the doctor’s office Friday morning, but, luckily, a few hours on antibiotics had me feeling much better by Friday night when Loo Hoo and Doodle got home.  They were exhausted but full of fun stories of their week at camp.

Saturday, June 28, was focused on helping Loo Hoo pack for her next big adventure and spending time hanging out as a family.  Sunday, Loo Hoo headed off to Frazee to spend a few days with Nana and Grandpa; the other girls and I decided it would be a beautiful day for a walk.  We actually walked all the way to Target and back – almost 5 miles round trip…  there were a few times when I wasn’t sure if they were actually going to make it, and, undoubtedly, the walk home was longer and harder than the walk there!  But, we made it!

New hair colors for summer...
New hair colors for summer…

That night, Doodle and I went to a welcome event for Freshman with the church youth group – yes, that means Doodle is officially a Freshman at church now!  Uff (again!)…

Tuesday, we packed up the little Altima and headed north to The Gamers’ cabin north of Mille Lacs.  Loo Hoo joined us there on Wednesday afternoon, and we spent the first few days of the holiday weekend hanging out working and playing at the lake.  No, I didn’t get on the water this trip – between antibiotics and work and catching a summer cold, I wasn’t really up for that much adventure.  But we did have a great time, as always – everyone else went out on the water and there was a lot of game time and hanging out (some of my very favorite activities)!

The perfect way to spend Fourth of July weekend...
The perfect way to spend Fourth of July weekend…

We stayed through fireworks on Friday night before heading back to The Cities.  Loo Hoo had to be at the airport at 10:30 Saturday morning for her afternoon flight to Israel!  She made it in plenty of time – even had time to repack her suitcase before she left.  We’ve heard reports that the flights went well, and she sent home a picture of the view from her hotel room – technology is an incredible blessing as our children travel the globe!

The view from Loo Hoo's hotel on the other side of the world!
The view from Loo Hoo’s hotel on the other side of the world!

We ordered pizza for dinner and spent the night working and watching movies on TV.  This morning was church then Dickey’s for lunch.  The rest of today has been spent catching up on work and chores while listening to the girls watch all three episodes of High School Musical – and trying not to get drawn into watching, singing and dancing with them! We did take a break to color their hair – deeper red for Doodle and blonde tips for K-Cat!

It is different having only two girls in the house – something we will eventually have to get used to.  I’m looking forward to more news from Israel and I hear Jay Pea has a fun story from her most recent visit to Magic Kingdom (something about Space Mountain with the lights on!)…  our new normal, I suppose.

Loo Hoo as a guard at the Wailing Wall for VBS
Loo Hoo as a guard at the Wailing Wall for VBS

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