2014 – Day 162 thru Day 168 – June 11 thru June 17

We seem to be settling into a good summer pace with work and play and, thanks to a summer wind storm, lots of exercise!

On Wednesday, June 11, Hubby and I got to go out on a date – it’s been a while so it was nice to take some time to connect over a long dinner at Old Chicago.  I highly recommend their Italian Nachos – definitely one of our favorites.  Old Chicago also has a great craft beer from Louisiana – Abita Purple Haze; it’s a raspberry wheat beer with the raspberry puree added after filtration… fruity and light!

The rest of my Wednesday night was spent shopping with Doodle for last-minute costume pieces for VBS and coloring my hair before heading out to BW3 – no one won the jackpot again this week.  I think it’s up around $600 now… makes it much more stressful to play bingo!

Thursday was Global Impact Day at work which means that people I work with from all over Minneapolis took the day off to volunteer at the Emergency Food Network.  I was part of a group who packaged frozen meat into variety packs which will be sold at a significant discount around the city to people in need.  We packed over 490 boxes on over 7 pallets – lots of lifting and walking…  sore shoulders on Friday morning but so worth it!

Dinner that night was leftover mini corn dogs from church and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Loo Hoo and I ate in the kitchen while she applied for jobs for this summer – as she is planning to move mid-July and has a lot going on before that, it is tricky to navigate applying in a new city and timing!

Friday I was in the office in the morning for a monthly coffee gathering with women across the company.  I was co-leading the conversation around Relationship Management.  It was fun to do some team-building activities and talk about how we build and maintain relationships at work and in our personal lives.  Mentoring is definitely one of my most favorite parts of my job.

Friday night, The Gamers came over for BBQ and, what else…, games!  It was nice to catch up with them as it has been a few months since we’ve been able to get together, and it was the perfect start to a “lazy” weekend!

Saturday turned out to be the kind of day that we rarely see around here – we had NOTHING scheduled and nothing that had to be done… so – we spent the day playing games and watching movies together.  We watched Les Miserables; K-Cat and I had seen it before, but it was Doodle’s and Hubby’s first time.  Much to my surprise, Hubby stayed through the whole movie and actually said he liked it!  We did have a big wind storm blow through halfway through the movie, and we had to stop watching briefly to investigate roof damage where a tree was blown against the side of the house.  It was a very big tree, and it was obvious that it would need to be removed, so I contacted the insurance agent to make arrangements for the tree removal sometime this week… more on that soon!

Not exactly what you want to see in your yard!
Not exactly what you want to see in your yard!

Sunday was Father’s Day – we got up to find that the very big tree was lying in our backyard!  It had fallen overnight, barely missing the pool and somehow not hitting the picnic table, two patio umbrellas, or any of the patio chairs!  Needless to say, I called the insurance agent and told them not to bother contacting me about tree removal.  We borrowed a chainsaw from The Boss and Hubby has spent several hours over the last few days chopping away at the tree – it’s almost gone, but we now have plenty of wood for fires (for many years) and several big logs to use as benches around our fire pit.

The girls took Hubby to Pizza Ranch for lunch for Father’s Day and, as we were focused on tree removal that night, we had leftovers for dinner.

Hubby enjoying Father's Day!
Hubby enjoying Father’s Day!

Monday morning, I was up early and on an airplane headed to Chicago for work.  Hubby and the girls had their first day of Vacation Bible School!  All of my meetings and presentations went well; unfortunately, the flight home was not quite as smooth.  The pilot actually made an announcement BEFORE we got on the plane that the flight attendants would not be able to move around the airplane due to expected turbulence (is that the plural of that word?)!  It was definitely a bumpy ride home, and I was grateful to be on the ground in Minneapolis even if I was delayed by 90 minutes…

This week kicks off a new way of work for me for the next six months – one day a week, I am onsite at one of our clients’ offices.  This week, I’ve been there twice – Tuesday and Wednesday!  It’s actually nice to have a change of scenery, and I’m looking forward to working on specific business questions in addition to modeling – at least for a while.

Taking advantage of the fallen tree before Hubby began the trunk removal...
Taking advantage of the fallen tree before Hubby began the trunk removal…

Tuesday night was all about tree cutting and burning – it was very hot outside anyway, so there was definitely a lot of sweating, but it has been fun to be outside as a family working together.  We definitely don’t do that enough!  Of course, I’m NOT asking for any more trees to fall to give us a reason either!


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