2014 – Day 134 thru 146 – May 14 thru 26

Tomorrow Loo Hoo turns 18!  Pretty amazing – that means 18 years ago tonight I was out dancing with Hubby and a couple of friends in Colorado Springs.  In case you’re wondering, yes – the Macarena can bring on labor!  Of course, it did help that it was the night before Loo Hoo’s due date…  hard to believe that she is turning 18, and in less than a week she will graduate from high school.

She's done!
She’s done!

The last couple of weeks have been sweet for us:

Wednesday the 14th, K-Cat and I were able to sneak in a date night – Subway and Sub Zero followed by a night of taking pictures of our clothes for a closet-management app.  We were excited to get our clothes uploaded, but, to tell the truth, we haven’t had a lot of opportunity to organize them online yet – maybe sometime in the next six months?  I definitely have lofty ambitions sometimes…

Thursday that week, Mema and PawPaw arrived from Denver.  We spent the night hanging out watching The Nut Job on DVD from Redbox – it’s an okay movie – not bad for a kid flick.  Friday was also a night spent together hanging out and getting ready for a busy Saturday.

Saturday, K-Cat had a mystery trip for church; they spent a couple of hours at Feed My Starving Children and then went to AirMaxx for several more.  This was a trip she earned by completing her Awana book – only one more book to get her Timothy Award!

An up-do for prom night...
An up-do for prom night…

Loo Hoo had drama practice for VBS that morning and then came home to head right back out for hair and nail appointments.  Her prom date came at about 3:00 – there were pictures, a very pretty wrist corsage, and a slightly awkward boutonniere pinning (shouldn’t we all have at least one of those in our lives?)…  she looked  beautiful and it was bittersweet to see her head off for this big high school event – something we don’t take for granted as our girls don’t go to traditional schools with these types of events which means they are dependent on a boy who does to invite them.

...and nails for the finishing touch
…and nails for the finishing touch
Prom Night
Prom Night

After that, Doodle headed off to Dancer’s house for a sleepover with her friends while Jay Pea, K-Cat, Hubby, Mema, and PawPaw and I spent the night lying around watching TV and visiting.

A special day for Jay Pea
A special day for Jay Pea

Sunday morning was church and then we celebrated a huge milestone and accomplishment in Jay Pea’s life.  She complete four years at UW Superior earning her degree and officially graduating this weekend.  We had a commencement ceremony at home – Mema led our graduate into the ceremony (in full cap and gown); Hubby did the opening prayer; PawPaw gave an encouraging speech; Jay Pea shared some wisdom and humor as the student speaker; we presented her diploma (well, the official “tube” from her school that represents her diploma until she gets that in the mail); and K-Cat sang Breakaway.  We ended with a fun impromptu interpretive dance by me, Loo Hoo, and Doodle – not part of the original plan, but fun anyway.  It’s pretty amazing to have a college grad in our ranks now!  Of course, it also means that she is one more step away into her real grown-up life which kicks into high gear next week!  We took a bunch of pictures and then sent Jay Pea on her way back to Superior one final time so she could close out her week as hall manager.

Commencement in the backyard
Commencement in the backyard
Our college graduate!  Great job, Jay Pea!
Our college graduate! Great job, Jay Pea!

Monday, PawPaw and Mema headed back to the airport and back to Denver while the rest of us tried to focus again on work and school.  Doodle and K-Cat had pictures for dance on Monday night and dance practice on Tuesday at a friend’s house.  Tuesday night was yard work (a never ending job this time of year) and Skype with Jay Pea for Bible study.

Wednesday night, we got an unexpected surprise – Jay Pea called to say she was on her way home for good (a couple of days earlier than we expected)!  She and I got to go to BW3 together as Hubby was too tired to go out that late.

Hard to believe they are both so grown up... love that they are such good friends!
Hard to believe they are both so grown up… love that they are such good friends!

Thursday night, Jay Pea and I went out in the Altima to so she could drive it and decide if she wanted to take that car with her on her next big adventure – she opted for “no” as the stick-shift was not something she wanted to try to figure out after stalling it out a couple of times.  The rest of our night was spent playing video games and just being together as a family.

Friday afternoon kicked off our long weekend and the beginning of the summer craziness that is our typically Minnesota summer – of course, truth be told, this year, the craziness kicked off in April!  True Belieber came for a sleepover and she, Loo Hoo, and Doodle slept out in the yard in a tent!  I was actually surprised that they stayed out there all night.  We also took the van into Midas for repairs so that Jay Pea and Loo Hoo can use it for their trek across country.

Saturday morning, we took her home and then picked up one of Doodle’s friends so that the three of us and Loo Hoo could go shopping for vacation bible school costumes – they are in the drama and praise team this year.  Jay Pea and I picked up the van from the shop; I discovered Naked juice (well, Jay Pea actually introduced us – my favorites… Blue Machine and Green Machine!); and we went to Menards for paint for the trim on the house.  The rest of our day was actually spent laying around, playing games, doing some yard work, and, again, basically enjoying a weekend with no plans!

Sunday was church, getting organized, a little packing for Jay Pea’s and Loo Hoo’s upcoming move, and, again, more simply hanging out together!  Which brings us to today – Memorial Day 2014.  We went into Excelsior this morning for a small Memorial Day parade and ceremony and then met up with some of Doodle’s friends so that she could go to Valleyfair with them for the day.  The rest of us headed off to IKEA for free lunch and shopping for the big move.

After lunch, we went shopping for the grad party this weekend and then headed out tonight to celebrate Loo Hoo’s big birthday tomorrow – Don Pablos (one of her favorites) for all you can eat fajitas and birthday sopapillas!  I’m still stuffed!!

Now, it is just after 10:00 – everyone is in bed already except for me and Jay Pea… I guess a weekend of hanging out around the house gets exhausting!  I’m ready for the regular routine of life to kick back in tomorrow, but, admittedly, I am not ready to face the big changes coming our way in less than a week…


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