2014 – Day 107 thru 133 – April 18 thru May 13

Wow!  Where have the last four weeks gone?  We’ve definitely been busy preparing for graduations and trying to stay on top of our always busy schedules.

Love these amazing young women!
Love these amazing young women!

After our last trip to Florida, we spent our first weekend back taking annual pictures of the girls and enjoying Easter together.  Mema and PawPaw headed home on Friday morning, and Nana and Grandpa brought Jasmine back on Friday evening.  They stayed for the weekend, and the girls and I did a lot of shopping!

Monday morning I had a presentation to make in Chicago so it was a day-trip for me – out at 10 a.m., back at 9 p.m.  A long day, but the meeting went very well so definitely a day well spent.  The following week held babysitting for Doodle, work for LooHoo, a date night to Old Chicago for Hubby and me, Awana, and BW3 bingo.

Hubby headed for Superior at the end of the week to give our minivan to Jay Pea as her PT Cruiser finally breathed its last.  It was a good thing for him that he had somewhere to go as K-Cat and Doodle had a sleepover at the house with about 15 of their closest friends on Friday night.

Saturday morning, after everyone was picked up, I headed for Superior to get Hubby.  LooHoo’s car was in the shop, so I drove the Altima.  When I got there, we had coffee and visited for a bit before getting back on the road home.  We picked up LooHoo’s car when we were back in town and then spent the evening watching Harry Potter as a family.

On Sunday, Loo Hoo was invited to go to Prom so we spent the afternoon dress shopping!  She found one that she liked, but she wasn’t completely in love with it.  Unfortunately, we were out of time, so we bought that one and headed home.

The next week was a whirlwind of packing for Loo Hoo’s senior trip, finishing up a memory photo book for her, dropping Jasmine off at The Boss’s house, and meeting Jay Pea with Doodle and K-Cat so they could spend a few days of quality sister bonding time before heading to Nana and Grandpa’s for the next week.

Wednesday was the last night of Awana for this school year; we celebrated with an awards ceremony and bounce-house blow-ups.  Thursday night, Loo Hoo and I headed back out to look for more Prom dresses.  This time, she found one that she absolutely loves – so, we got that one and made plans to return the other one after her senior trip.

On Friday morning, Hubby, Loo Hoo, and I were up early and headed for the airport.  Unfortunately, our flight was delayed by about four hours!  We finally got into Orlando with enough time to spare for dinner at EPCOT.  We decided that eating our way around the world sounded like a fun activity – we had done the same thing four years ago with Jay Pea, and it was fun to experience it again.  We did try several different foods this time!  The highlight of the night though was stumbling onto Starship at the EPCOT Pavilion – they even ended their concert with “We Built this City on Rock & Roll”!  So, of course, we had to stop and dance in the rain!

Breakfast fit for a Princess at Cinderella's Royal Table
Breakfast fit for a Princess at Cinderella’s Royal Table

Saturday morning, Loo Hoo and I were up early as we had reservations for breakfast with Cinderella and her friends in the castle at Magic Kingdom!  It was definitely a princess dream come true complete with wishing stars and princess wands.  The food was incredible – Loo Hoo had caramel apple stuffed French toast and I had lobster and crab stuffed crepes.

Dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe - are Hubby's elbows on the table??
Dinner at 50’s Prime Time Cafe – are Hubby’s elbows on the table??

We spent Sunday morning hanging out around the pool at Art of Animation where we stayed and then headed to Hollywood Studios for an early dinner at the 50’s Prime Time Café.  I think my favorite part of about that is definitely the wait staff – we were sitting in the large living room like waiting area for our table to be ready when we heard our name being called, “Jennifer!  It’s time to come eat!”  It definitely takes you back to hanging out with your friends afterschool and being called in for dinner.  Uncle George was our server; he made Loo Hoo set the table, but he did let her eat her dessert before dinner since the main thing on her wish list for eating there was a PB&J Milk Shake!

Loo Hoo got to play "Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer" - and, yes, she did win!
Loo Hoo got to play “Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer” – and, yes, she did win!

Monday morning after breakfast, we boarded the Disney Magical Express bus for a 90-minute ride to the pier where we boarded the Disney Magic!  Our room was nice, the cast and crew were amazing (as Disney always is), and the food was incredible!  Hubby and I have been on several cruises with Royal Caribbean, and, while we absolutely love the service and experience with them, the food on Disney Cruise Lines is far better than Royal Caribbean.

There were a lot of kids on the ship, but there was always something to do and plenty of activities for all ages – of course, it helps that we love seeing Disney characters, touring the ship and hearing about how they create the Disney experience, and participating in Disney trivia, karaoke, and finish-the-lyric games!

Me and Loo Hoo in Nassau with the Disney Magic
Me and Loo Hoo in Nassau with the Disney Magic

We sailed to Nassau, Bahamas; Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay; and had a full day at sea.  We did get to do a little movie star stalking on board as it turns our Grace Phipps and Garrett Clayton from Disney’s Teen Beach Movie were on our ship!  We watched them film Disney Channel promos on the beach at Castaway Cay and also on the ship’s deck the night of the Pirate Party and fireworks.  It was definitely an exciting surprise for at least Loo Hoo and me.

Grace Phipps and Garrett Clayton were on our ship filming promos for Disney Channel!
Grace Phipps and Garrett Clayton were on our ship filming promos for Disney Channel!

I do have to admit though, I was surprised when I got off the ship Friday morning and realized that I really didn’t want to hear another Disney song, see a Disney movie or character, or hear a Disney trivia question again for some time.  I’ve recovered now and think that I could actually be exposed to Disney again without losing my mind – and it only took about three days!

Our flight home was ridiculously bumpy so it was a very good feeling to get back to Minneapolis and back on the ground safe and sound on Friday night.  Nana and Grandpa brought Doodle and K-Cat home a couple of hours later, and we spent the weekend planting flowers, laying new mulch, and even painting our old bench swing.  We picked Jasmine up from The Boss’s house on Saturday morning – she had a great time at the farm, but I think she was happy to be home where she could just lay in the sun in the window.

The newly painted swing - several grey slats left to paint green, but we're getting there!
The newly painted swing – several grey slats left to paint green, but we’re getting there!

Saturday night, K-Cat went to Night of Beauty at Grace Church.  From what I hear, she had a great time with her friends.  I’ve also heard there are pictures somewhere, but I’ve yet to see those – guess I’ll have to ask her for them again.

K-Cat's quartet on Mother's Day
K-Cat’s quartet on Mother’s Day

Sunday was Mother’s Day; K-Cat sang in the chapel at Grace as part of a quartet.  Nana and Grandpa headed home after first service, and we went to Wendy’s for lunch that afternoon.  I spent a quiet Sunday working on email, laying more mulch, and catching up on The Voice before being treated to late-night appetizers at Applebee’s by my girls.  We also got to Skype with Jay Pea and Mema and PawPaw at the same time which was a lot of fun.

So, I’d like to say that we are now ready to get back into our normal routine, but I’m not really sure what that even is anymore.  We have a graduation ceremony this weekend for Jay Pea, Prom for Loo Hoo soon; K-Cat has a church Mystery Trip; Loo Hoo’s graduation is fast approaching, and, among all of this, Jay Pea and Loo Hoo are finalizing their plans to move to Orlando together this summer to work at Walt Disney World!  It’s definitely a crazy, busy time of change for us – and, as much as I’d like things to settle down, I know that when they do everything will look different, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that!  Here’s to another busy couple of weeks ahead…  I’ll try to write again sooner this time.


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