2014 – Day 93 thru 106 – April 4 thru April 17

Over 100 days into 2014 – 100 and almost a week actually!  A lot has happened since the last update…

First, way back on Friday, April 4, we had one of our new favorite meals – Taco Mac & Cheese – for dinner.  Nana & Grandpa came down for the weekend; we had lunch Saturday at Chick-fil-A before heading off to The Godparents’ house for a bridal shower.  After the shower, we spent the rest of the afternoon making “freezer meals” – Mexican Chicken Shells, French Chicken, Italian Chicken, and Bacon Cheeseburger Soup.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to eat any of ours yet, but Jay Pea said her Mexican Chicken Shells were awesome, and Nana reported that the Bacon Cheeseburger Soup was a hit – hoping we can try ours soon!

Sunday, I started working on a photo book for Loo Hoo as she will be graduating this year.  It’s quite a project; I’m up to 2004 – so, not even 10 years in – hopefully I’ll finish before she graduates!

Nana & Grandpa took Jasmine (our puppy) home with them as from Tuesday forward as we would have several overlapping trips crossing different family members.  It is good to have a place where Jasmine could be cared for – I hope she’s been enjoying her vacation in Frazee!

Monday was a work day, but first, I got good news from my periodontist – I can bite with my front teeth again!!  Woo hoo!!!  That night was spaghetti for dinner and dance class for Doodle and K-Cat.  I had to squeeze in packing as Tuesday morning I was on a plane to Chicago for work.

My meetings and presentations went well; I stayed at The Drake hotel in downtown and had a great view of Lake Michigan all night!  I was home again on Wednesday night but not in time for Awana.

View of Lake Michigan from The Drake
View of Lake Michigan from The Drake
Deconstructed S'More at The Drake
Deconstructed S’More at The Drake

We skipped BW3 and spent the night hanging out with Mema & PawPaw catching up on episodes of The Voice.  They drove in from Denver and headed out Thursday morning with Doodle and K-Cat for three days in Wisconsin Dells.  That night, Hubby and I went to BW3 for dinner with Loo Hoo and then went to AMC at Eden Prairie to watch Divergent.

Friday was a work day; Jay Pea came home from school, I packed another suitcase and Hubby, Jay Pea, Loo Hoo, and I headed for the airport to catch a plane to Orlando.  There is a possibility that Jay Pea and Loo Hoo could be moving there after graduation; we spent the weekend plus a couple of days looking at apartments.  Yes, we did manage to squeeze in some time at “the parks,” but most of our time was spent checking out apartments. We also had a great morning Sunday at First Baptist Church in Orlando – this may be our new “away from home” church!

First Baptist Church - Orlando
First Baptist Church – Orlando

We flew home on Wednesday morning, and I spent the rest of the day catching up on work emails!  Jay Pea and Doodle tried to drive north, back to school, but were stopped by very heavy snowfall.  So, while Doodle, Loo Hoo, K-Cat, and Hubby went to Awana, Jay Pea and I went to Applebee’s with Mema & PawPaw for dinner.  Luckily, the snow here in The Cities was nothing compared to what was falling just north of us!

Moe's for dinner in Orlando
Moe’s for dinner in Orlando

Today, I worked at home and the girls did school all day.  Jay Pea, Mema, and PawPaw managed to stay busy hanging out.  When Hubby came home from work, we all headed out to Chick-fil-A – Mema and PawPaw’s treat for Hubby’s birthday.  Did you know Chick-fil-A has fish for a limited time?  I actually thought it was pretty good…  even without tartar sauce.

Now it’s time to head down to tuck in Doodle and K-Cat; we need our sleep – the busyness continues!


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