2014 – Day 84 thru 92 – March 26 thru April 3

Another week has flown by…  Hubby is a year older and we are a week closer to vacations and graduations!

Last Wednesday was a regular workday – meetings, emails, projects.  Worked at home in the morning and then headed into the office.  From there, it was straight to Awana and then off to BW3.  A pretty typical Wednesday around here.

Thursday morning I was back in the office; we are doing lunch and learns now every Thursday.  It’s nice having a team that is finally big enough for something like that.  I worked until a little after 4 and then headed home to get the girls and go to Grace.  We volunteered at Will Call Tickets for the Gaither Vocal Band concert.  Loo Hoo and Doodle opted to go home after the tickets were all handed out.  Hubby and K-Cat decided to try out the concert with me, but, the reality is that the Gaither Vocal Band is NOT everyone’s favorite kind of music.  While I loved it and stayed for the entire concert, Hubby and K-Cat left before the intermission.  It gave Hubby some time to catch up on work while they waited for me to be ready to go home.  I have to say “The Old Rugged Cross” and “He’s Alive” were my favorite songs of the night!

After the concert, I spent several hours working before heading off to bed.  Friday morning started a little later than usual.  It was the start of Spring Break for several of our friends, including The Gamers who came over for dinner and a fun night of playing!

Saturday was date day for me and Hubby – a long lunch out at LeeAnn Chin; just time to sit and visit and enjoy time together.  It was nice to have a moment to breathe and relax before coming home to work on work projects and prep for Sunday school.

Sunday was Hubby’s birthday – he is finally the same age as me (at least for a few months)…  the girls surprised him with decorations and presents that they put out after he went to bed.  He had to work that morning; luckily, he likes his job!  We had lunch at Dickey’s BBQ and then came home for Hubby’s birthday nap (just like a regular Sunday nap actually).  I finished up my project for work and the girls caught up on some school that didn’t get finished during the week.

That evening, Hubby and I went for a run down by the lake and then came home for pizza and more work on my project.  We did sneak in an hour of Downton Abbey before going to bed!

Monday morning it was back to work for me, Hubby, and Loo Hoo.  I met a mentor for lunch that afternoon and then headed over to the office.  I was able to leave a little early to pick up the girls and meet Hubby at the EP Mall AMC Theater to watch the new Muppet movie.  It had some really funny parts, but I wouldn’t say it was as good as the last one.  We picked up Little Caesars on the way home for dinner and then Doodle and K-Cat went to dance class while Loo Hoo and I planned her upcoming graduation party.  The rest of my night was spent doing email…

Tuesday was a long workday – I was in the office early and then I led a mentoring circle at a Network of Executive Women event at Concordia University in St. Paul.  My topic this year was “Your Personal Brand” – a very interesting “buzz” topic in corporate America these days.  It was fun to talk about it with students who are finishing up their MBAs and thinking about what they want to do with their careers.  The only downside was that I missed hanging out with family; Hubby and I did make time to catch another Downton Abbey episode before bed though!  We are almost caught up now…

Yesterday, I spent several hours in meetings before heading out for a haircut and eyebrow waxing – it was definitely overdue on both counts!  Nice to feel put together again after that…  spent the rest of the afternoon working before running on the treadmill for a little less than an hour.  I think I’ve gotten spoiled running outside – it was definitely harder to run on the treadmill this time around!  We finished off our night at BW3 even though there was no Awana this week.  It wasn’t a big winning week for our group, but we did celebrate Hubby’s birthday – so it was definitely worth it.

Today?  I had a big kick off call this morning for another project and then headed into the office for our Thursday lunch and learn.  Spent the rest of my day on conference calls and working on projects.  After work, Loo Hoo and I ran some errands – bank deposits, books to the library, fill-in grocery shopping.  We picked up fried chicken for dinner at Cub Foods.  We just finished watching Disney’s Hercules – if you can believe it, I’ve never seen it before!  Cute movie…  now it’s time to chase the girls off to bed and plan for tomorrow.

I’m anxious to see how much snow we have in the morning – before the sun went down, The Weather Channel was predicting up to 14” overnight (although I think I heard that they lowered that prediction)…  you gotta love a spring snowstorm!  Looking forward to working from home tomorrow!


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