2014 – Day 83 – March 25

Tonight was date night with Doodle!  We went to the EP Mall for dinner at the food court – Doodle had Pasta Zola and I had Baja Sol – and then we went shopping at Justice for new jeans for her.  I love finding clearance marked down an additional 50% off!

Last night Hubby and I spent the evening watching TV – I think this is one of our new favorite activities… either way, we’ve managed to almost catch up on the shows we’ve been recording this past season.  This morning I slept in; Loo Hoo had to head off to work while everyone else was still asleep!

When I finally did get up, I worked at home for a short time and then headed into the office for meetings.  Tuesday is my day for catching up with my direct reports and for multiple project status meetings.

After a long day in the office, I headed home to help Doodle finish up her school and then we headed out for our date.  Then Jay Pea and I had our weekly Skype bible study – tonight was a study of the 12 apostles.  It was interesting learning more about these important individuals in Christ’s ministry.

I am now caught up on emails from the girls’ teachers, the blog is updated, and it’s time to go tuck in the girls!  Another March day over and gone…


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