2014 – Day 80 and 81 – March 22 and 23

It’s been a relatively quiet weekend at our house…  no pictures as there was really nothing to photograph!  We spent Friday night watching movies as a family at home – Catching Fire and Wreck-It Ralph.  Both movies we’ve seen before, but definitely favorites for some of us.

Saturday morning, Jay Pea and Doodle headed out early to see another move, Divergent – they even dressed up.  Jay Pea was in grey for Abnegation and Doodle was in yellow and red for Amity.  I hear they had a great time.  Loo Hoo spent most of the day babysitting.  While she missed the fun around here, she did earn money which is a primary goal of hers right now as she is approaching high school graduation very quickly.

I spent the day preparing for Sunday school and then catching up on work while Hubby and K-Cat hung out playing games and cleaning house.  Hubby made Hamburger Hot Dish for dinner with corn instead of peas – a new twist that I think we all really liked.  The best part is there are leftovers!

This morning, I was up early to get back to work before going to church.  After church, we all headed to Chipotle for lunch – a favorite of Jay Pea as they don’t have any near where she lives!  When we got home, Doodle and Loo Hoo had school to do from things they didn’t finish this past week.  I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening working on email with a quick break for pizza for dinner (our Sunday night staple).

So, I am finally caught up on email and projects from vacation and training last week.  I need to get organized for tomorrow and then hopefully relax and maybe watch some more Downtown Abbey with Hubby… a perfect night!


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