2014 – Day 65 thru 73 – March 6 thru March 14

It looks like we’re in for another long update with no pictures – mostly same old, same old, routine stuff!  Oh, but to give you an idea of how quickly the days have flown by, let me just confess that I still have NOT painted my toenails!  In looking back, I think I actually could have found time to do that in the last few days; I think I lost my motivation on that front!

Thursday, March 6, Hubby and I went out to lunch to do some long-range planning and dreaming about the future – that’s always a very fun date!  The rest of my day was spent working at home.

That night, K-Cat and I went out for a date – we went to Panera Bread near Ridgedale.  It was a challenge to eat a sandwich as I still cannot bite with my front teeth, but I managed okay with a fork and knife.  We also did some shopping at Target.  K-Cat spent some of her allowance on a Happily Ever After doll – they are like Barbies, but the idea behind them is that they are daughters of famous fairy tale characters.  K-Cat got Apple White (Snow White’s daughter).  Doodle already had The Mad Hatter’s daughter so Apple White had a friend waiting at home when she got here.

The rest of my night was spent watching DVR’d TV shows with Hubby and putting on a new set of fingernails…  I consider that time very well spent.

Friday morning, I had a couple of calls for work and then spent the rest of the day on projects.  I spent the entire day working in pajamas before having to pull myself away from my computer to shower and head to church for Awana Bonus Night.  We had Costco pizza there for dinner; definitely a favorite.  I was even able to pull it apart and eat it without any issues!

K-Cat and Doodle went over to Minecrafter’s house after Bonus Night for a sleepover; rumor has it they were up until 4 a.m. playing games!

I was also up way too late on Friday night – went to bed around 2 a.m.  Of course, I did manage to sleep in until about 10:30 Saturday morning before getting up to go with Loo Hoo to the bank.  She opened her very own checking account now that she is a working girl.  She is starting to think seriously about what comes after high school and that means saving money and learning how to work with a budget.

Dinner Saturday was leftover pizza then Loo Hoo spent the evening babysitting, and the rest of us hung out watching TV, working on email, and preparing for Sunday school.

K-Cat had to be at church early on Sunday for singing in the chapel so she and Hubby left before the rest of us.  After church, we had lunch at Dairy Queen and then spent the rest of the afternoon preparing the girls’ school so that they can finish a week early and still take time off for a couple of vacations this spring.  I think they are going to make it!

Monday, March 10, it was back to work!  I was in the office all day before coming home and running outside with Hubby – it was a beautiful day!  We ran about 3.8 miles – the really good news is… no knee or hip pain!  K-Cat and Doodle had dance that night, and Loo Hoo and I went out for coffee and budget planning for her while the girls were in class.  Then it was home to get everyone in bed before working way into the night…

Tuesday I worked from home again; Jay Pea and I did our Awana bible study together over Skype that night, and then Loo Hoo and I spent the rest of the night watching YouTube videos of 80’s TV shows and cartoons (and laughing a lot!).

Wednesday was another day back in the office as I had a half-day training to co-lead in the afternoon.  As a result, I missed most of afternoon Awana; luckily Hubby had plenty of help without me!  After getting the girls’ dinner at McDonald’s, Hubby and I went to BW3 for bingo – our little group won every round, including the cash jackpot of $550.  I’d love to say that Hubby or I won, but it was actually the Norwegette this time (I really should say “again this time” as she has now won the jackpot THREE times in the past few years)…  such a lucky lady!

Thursday, I was back in the office – the third time this week!  It actually was great to get to work with everyone in the office, and Hubby did an incredible job of keeping the girls on task with school work and managing the house, dinners, and pretty much everything else around here this week…  not sure what I’d do without him!  Especially since my entire night Thursday was spent working on email and projects after being gone all day!

Today flew by – I did work at home all day again before meeting Hubby and the girls at church to set up for Awana Grand Prix.  Jay Pea came home just before I headed out the door, so she came along to help with set up.  We had McDonald’s on the way home, and K-Cat’s friend Jewel came over to spend the night.  They are now watching the movie Enchanted – such a cute show – with Doodle!  Jay Pea colored her hair tonight, and Loo Hoo colored a Disney coloring book while watching Hulu TV.  I worked on the girls’ school for next week and on updating the blog.  With those things checked off my To Do list, I still have a few things left to do tonight before heading off to bed as we are headed into a full weekend!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide another update soon!


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