2014 – Day 63 & 64 – March 4 & 5

The last couple of days have been busy, but uneventful…  let me start by staying, no, I did not get my toenails painted on Monday night (maybe tonight?), instead I spent the night catching up on personal and work emails before Skyping after midnight with Mema & PawPaw about possible plans for this spring.  So, it ended up being a very late night for me…

That morning, I slept in an extra hour – Loo Hoo had to see herself off to work… then I headed into the office for a full day of meetings and project work.  Hubby made dinner so I came home to a great meal of slow-cooked beef sandwiches and tator tots.  The girls had managed to get all of their schoolwork done before dinner, and Hubby had checked everything and even updated attendance for the day!  Did I mention that he is incredible?

I spent a few minutes on the phone working on vacation plans and then tackled more email (it really is NEVER ending!)…  Jay Pea and I Skyped for about 45 minutes, first on our shared Awana bible study and then just catching up.  Then, I turned the Skype call over to Loo Hoo, and I headed downstairs to run on the treadmill – woo hoo!  I managed to run over 2.5 miles at between a 13 and 14 min mile pace… and the best part is – NO knee or hip pain!

It was then time to tuck the girls in and read with them before crocheting Jay Pea’s blanket and watching TV with Hubby – a very nice way to end the day.

My view of the world today
My view of the world today

This morning’s commute to work was an easy one – up the stairs in my sweats to my desk!  It was definitely a full work day with emails, online meetings, lots of project management, some actual project work, and lunch and dinner at my desk (leftovers both times).  Hubby took the younger girls to Awana tonight as I had several late calls and work that had to be finished before tomorrow.  Loo Hoo drove herself; she had to leave before noon for a couple of hours of babysitting first.

Evidence of dinner at my desk!
Evidence of dinner at my desk!

So, now it’s me, sitting alone in a quiet house; the work is done, and soon the blog will be updated.  I plan to head for the shower and get ready for our usual Wednesday night out… in looking back on today, I realize that some days are just very busy at work with a “stuck in the mud” kind of feeling, but today was a very good one!  It’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day – definitely makes it easier to enjoy the rest of my night!


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