2014 – Day 61 & 62 – March 2 & 3

We had a relatively normal Sunday – church in the morning, email and school planning in the afternoon, and catching up on Downtown Abbey with Hubby before bedtime.  We had lunch out with The Bingo Buddies at New Beijing in Eden Prairie; Hubby made pizza and leftovers for dinner for me and Doodle.  Loo Hoo and K-Cat had a class at church so they had leftovers when they got home.  I finished our online check-in for Loo Hoo’s senior trip this spring – we leave in just over 60 days…  of course, there are several trips before that, but that one requires the most pre-planning.

I also ran again last night!  Just under 2.5 miles (2.3 to be exact) in about 30 mins – not too shabby!  AND I managed to have mom and daughter reading time again – finished reading Grandpa Miller’s biography with K-Cat, continued reading Taken – Left Behind Kids with Doodle, and continued reading Kingdom Keepers (the one with the cruise ship) with Loo Hoo.  It’s kind of fun to be reading multiple books at the same time – I would NEVER do that just for fun!

Running right before bedtime with the girls gave me a great excuse to sit on the living room floor and watch Downtown Abbey with Hubby with ice on my knee.  We are still way behind, but we are making progress!

This morning, I got up with Loo Hoo – yes, it is earlier than I needed to be up, but we only have a few short months before she will be moving out to live with Jay Pea very far away!  We visited until she had to leave for work then I spent about an hour working at home before getting ready to head to the office.

I spent the late morning and early afternoon in meetings, on calls, and answering email.  Lunch was blackened chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing from the cafeteria while sharing daily trivia games with coworkers.  I was able to connect with Colorado Sis (my sister-in-law out there) for a quick phone call tonight and spent much more time than I wanted to on the phone with Disney working out details for ground transportation, MyMagic+ reservations, and online check-in for later this spring.

I’m now off to pick up K-Cat and Doodle from dance, maybe a quick stop at Taco Bell, then home to finish checking today’s school, tuck everyone into bed, and maybe paint my toenails – hmm…  that’s a very rare treat!  Oh, and before I forget, thank you to Hubby for everything he does to support me, to care for me, and to make my life absolutely incredible!  ❤


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