2014 – Day 54 thru Day 60 – February 23 thru March 1

Here we are just over 60 days into 2014 already!  Hard to believe how much we have already packed into this year, and harder still to believe how much we already have planned for the rest of this year! 

My resolve to get in a few posts instead of one long one this week failed early as my Sunday afternoon plans slipped away into something much better, but much less productive for blogging – lunch with friends and an afternoon at the library with Loo Hoo and K-Cat planning a lesson for Awana on Wednesday night.  With The Boss out of town this past week, I agreed to teach two lessons on Wednesday – I loved it! But it does take time to prepare to talk about Paul’s warnings of false religion in Colossians.  Lunch was at El Toro in Shakopee; we’d never been there.  The food was good, and the company was wonderful!  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what we had for dinner that night as I still had stitches in my mouth and was still restricted to eating only soft foods.  

Monday morning, I excitedly headed out to Southdale Periodonitics to have my stitches removed!  The good news is that the grafting is healing very well; the bad news is that I am still not allowed to bite with my front teeth for another six weeks! 

Lobster bake at Smack Shack
Lobster bake at Smack Shack

I was able to eat pasta from the cafeteria at work for lunch, and I managed to enjoy lobster and potatoes from Smack Shack that night for dinner with my coworkers in celebration of a huge project that was closed a few weeks ago.  That night, the family Skyped w Jay Pea and then I took Doodle and K-Cat to dance lessons.  Loo Hoo and I did some shopping before picking them up and heading back home.  I spent the rest of that night psyching myself up to start running again (the periodontist gave me the okay to do physical exercise again!). Of course, I only managed to get in one run this past week so I’m looking to do better on that this week in addition to blogging more – it’s good to have high expectations, right?  

Tuesday, I went into the office in the morning and then headed home after lunch to finish my workday.  I had a mentoring lunch in the cafeteria (pasta again), and made chili dogs for Loo Hoo, Doodle, and me for dinner.  Hubby took K-Cat on a date – dinner and shopping!  I ran just under 2.5 miles on the treadmill – a big accomplishment – and then spent the rest of the evening doing nails, working on school, and watching TV.  Jay Pea and I also connected on Skype for our second online bible study – still no verses to memorize yet; those will start this coming week! 

Wednesday, I worked in the morning and then took a long lunch to go to a movie with Loo Hoo.  We had chicken nuggets at the theater; it was definitely fun to take a break in the middle of the day.  After working the rest of the afternoon, we headed over to Grace Church for Awana – all of my preparation paid off and both of my lessons went well – even with big words like Legalism, Mysticism, and Asceticism!  Dinner that night was McDonald’s (as usual) on the way home from church.  Hubby and I went to BW3 with the gang, and, while no one won the big bucks, our little group did manage to sweep all of the rounds anyway. 

The girls at Disney on Ice
The girls at Disney on Ice

Thursday morning, I had a couple of meetings to host and some work to do before heading off with the family to Disney on Ice at the Target Center.  We were able to get tickets some time ago through the girls’ school; it was a fun family date even if the hot dog was cold in our pre-paid box lunches…  We also decided that the girls (with the exception of Loo Hoo who will never be too old for anything Disney) are probably too old for Disney on Ice! 

I learned during the show, via a text from my manager, that I am being promoted to Director as of yesterday (3/1) – that was definitely good news, and I am looking forward to next week for more details regarding additional responsibilities!  To celebrate, Hubby and I took the girls to Maynard’s on the way home from the show.  I had another call that afternoon and then I headed north to Superior to spend a couple of nights with Jay Pea.  We had lasagna and peas & carrots for dinner and made brownies for dessert!  She had even decorated her apartment with streamers to celebrate my promotion!  

Jay Pea is ready to celebrate my promotion!
Jay Pea is ready to celebrate my promotion!

Friday morning, Jay Pea went to class, and I worked from her apartment – it was very strange to have so much peace and quiet all day for working!  That evening, we went to Guads (I think it’s actually Guadalajara’s) in Superior and then watched a movie at the little mall there in town.  After the movie, we headed to Walmart for some fill-in grocery shopping for Jay Pea’s apartment (yes, at 10:00 at night!).  We found plastic eggs made for egg dye – so, of course, we had to buy those and some egg dye for a Saturday morning activity!  Then it was back to the apartment for a few late-night episodes of Friends before heading to bed. 

Coloring plastic eggs - we had to hold them down to keep them in the egg dye!
Coloring plastic eggs – we had to hold them down to keep them in the egg dye!

Saturday morning, we slept in until almost 10 a.m. – I cannot remember how long it’s been since I was in bed that late in the morning…  we then had a lazy morning of breakfast, coffee, coloring plastic eggs, and browsing Buzzfeed, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Jay Pea got an email from The Disney Company offering her a spot in the Disney College Program – she has been in the process of applying and interviewing for several weeks now.  Needless to say, we spent the rest of our morning accepting the offer and reading everything we could find about the program.  We did finally pry ourselves away from the computers and went to the YU (student union building) for late lunch before I hit the road back to Chanhassen. 

Finished eggs!
Finished eggs!

I got home around dinner time (which was pizza from Papa John’s – they have a great first Saturday of the month deal) and then the family hung out watching TV while I prepared my Sunday school lesson about the kings of Judah in 2 Chronicles.  I was able to get everyone off to bed with normal bedtimes and even some mom and daughter reading time before spending the rest of my night prepping school plans for Doodle and K-Cat – Loo Hoo’s had to wait until Sunday as I really can’t do hers for her… 

K-Cat and Aurora share a special bedtime moment during mom and daughter reading time
K-Cat and Aurora share a special bedtime moment during mom and daughter reading time

So, in looking back, it’s been an amazing week especially when it comes to jobs and family.  My mouth is still healing, but it is better every day.  There is a lot to figure out now that Jay Pea has solid plans for after graduation and, especially, as Loo Hoo is planning to move with her to Florida!  Talk about a very big change in our lives – we knew this chapter was coming, but it’s funny how different it is when it becomes real!  I’m sure the next 60 days will fly by as we prepare for big transitions…  life truly is such a fun ride!  


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