2014 – Day 46 thru Day 53 – February 15 thru February 22

The good news is that I can now eat pizza (if it is cut up in small pieces and if I chew it only on the back right side of my mouth)!  I’m actually trying not to complain considering where I was with healing a week ago – I am so much better now.  It’s amazing how quickly a body can heal…

Last Saturday, Jay Pea drove home early in the morning to surprise Hubby and K-Cat.  I was actually able to keep the secret, and they didn’t suspect a thing when I told them I was going out for “real’ coffee and that I would be back soon.  I guess since I hadn’t been able to eat much all week, Hubby felt I had earned the right to treat myself to coffee out…  well, I actually drove to Midas to meet Jay Pea.  She needed to have her oil changed and, she found out later that day, have her power steering pump replaced.  Luckily for her, that was under warranty from the last time it was replaced.  Unfortunately for her (good for us), it meant that she had to stay in Chanhassen an extra day so that the repairs could be completed.

Hanging out at Awana Quizzing...
Hanging out at Awana Quizzing…

We spent most of the day at Awana Quizzing in Plymouth – K-Cat’s team took first place for 5th Grade Girls!  We went to Culver’s for a celebration dinner – I had actually never had their chicken noodle soup (pretty much the only thing I could eat given the stitches still in my mouth); it was very good!  The rest of our evening was spent watching the movie, Disney’s Lone Ranger, and working on my Sunday school lesson for the next morning.

First Place!
First Place!

After church Sunday, Loo Hoo and Doodle came home from their weekend retreat in Pepin, Wisconsin.  They were both exhausted, but they had had a great time – even if the food was not Doodle’s favorite.  We went to Wendy’s for lunch, and I was able to eat a hamburger patty (not the bun) and a baked potato with butter and sour cream – I was definitely beginning to feel more human again!  That afternoon, we sat around the house watching the movie Smurf’s 2 and napping.  Jay Pea learned that Superior was expecting a lot of snow and that it would be unlikely she would be able to get home on Monday even though she would have her car back.

Monday was a holiday – President’s Day – which meant no work for me or Hubby and no school for the girls.  Loo Hoo did have to work that morning, and, of course, I found plenty of email to deal with for a couple of hours.  The snow started to fall pretty hard in our area, so Hubby and I picked Loo Hoo up from work (I had dropped her off earlier for the same reason).  We then made a quick stop at the periodontist to have some of my stitches trimmed.  The assistant informed me that I could take the stent out of my mouth – it had done its job and protected the roof of my mouth which was now healing well.  While the skin was a little sensitive, it was definitely worth it to have the stent out and to be able to chew much more easily on the right side of my mouth – no plastic prongs stuck between the back of my teeth!

Jay Pea was struggling with boredom Monday as she had left all of her knitting and homework in Superior; she had planned to only be home for one night, and she was now approaching three.  I spent the afternoon playing the board game “Ticket to Ride” with her before I had to pack for a work trip to St. Louis.  She did finally make it home on Tuesday morning!

Updated St. Louis airport - brighter light makes the ceilings seem not so low - a very nice change!
Updated St. Louis airport – brighter light makes the ceilings seem not so low – a very nice change!

My flight left Minneapolis at about 7:15 Monday night, and I spent the rest of the night traveling and working.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I had meetings all day to work on presentations and to present them.  The collaboration of finalizing presentations and actually presenting them to the client are favorite parts of my job so it was a great couple of days for me.  It helps that the meetings went very well and that the client was happy.  The hardest part of the trip was trying to find things that I could chew!

I flew home Wednesday night in time to get in about an hour of Awana before grabbing McDonald’s for the girls on the way home and then heading back out to BW3 for bingo.  No, I wasn’t able to eat wings yet, but it was still great to see everyone and to just hang out with friends.

Thursday morning, we woke up to storm warnings scheduling snow to start around 2 p.m.  I headed into the office to meet my new associate – I had a direct report start while I was in St. Louis so it was good to get to connect with him for a few hours before heading home to beat the heaviest of the snowfall.  I spent the rest of the afternoon working from home before settling in with the family to watch another movie, Ender’s Game.

Friday was definitely a work at home day as we got about 8 – 10 inches of snow overnight and lots of ice on the roads!  The MN511 website showed all of the roads in the Metro area as dark purple which is pretty much the worst conditions reportable.  That afternoon, we had an unexpected and very welcome surprise – because of the snow, school had been cancelled for The Gamers’ kids and that meant afterschool activities were cancelled also!  They now had a free night and so did we!  We were thrilled to have a spontaneous get-together at our house – we had pizza (yes, mine was cut into small pieces), pasta, ice cream, games, and even some family movies!

Today, Hubby and I drove Loo Hoo to a babysitting job as the roads on the MN511 site were still purple – light purple now, but still purple – which meant they were just a little too icy for Loo Hoo to drive from Chanhassen to Shakopee as she has had very little practice driving on ice.  Hubby and I used the drive as an excuse to do some grocery fill-in shopping and to go to lunch together.  I was actually able to eat noodles and some chicken at LeeAnn Chin!

We spent the rest of the afternoon checking the girls’ school work and planning school for next week.  Around 4:00, The Boss and The Musician came over with their kids for dinner and games – it has been a long time since they were here and the kids were excited to play together in the basement for a couple of hours until dinner.  Hubby made ham, potatoes, Jell-O, and veggies.  Doodle made brownies for dessert.  After dinner, I headed out to pick up Loo Hoo from babysitting so that she could come home and play with everyone!  It was an early night as we all have church tomorrow and their little ones can’t take very late nights.

The rest of my night has been spent helping Loo Hoo plan school for next week, updating email and time trackers, and, obviously, catching up on another overdue blog post!  Maybe next week I’ll get in a few posts instead of one week-long recap!  MAYBE….


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