2014 – Day 35 thru Day 45 – February 4 thru February 14

Tuesday, February 4 – life began to return to normal (whatever normal actually is…) – I spent the day working.  It was a big day for Loo Hoo – she started her official first real job!  She is working three days a week for about three hours a day, and, for the most part, she is really enjoying it.  Like most jobs, it has its good points and its bad, but she is doing something she loves – working with infants and children!  So she’s not complaining too much – it’s just the early start time (7:15 a.m.) that is a tough adjustment.

Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Debate - worth the time to watch
Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Debate – worth the time to watch

Tuesday night, we joined a couple hundred people at Grace to watch a live webstream of a Creation vs Evolution Debate with Ken Ham and Bill Nye.  It was very interesting…  I encourage you to watch it if you have time (it runs about 2.5 hours):  http://americanlivewire.com/2014-02-09-evolution-vs-creation-bill-nye-vs-ken-ham/

Wednesday morning I was back in the office for work; I had a few late day calls, so I missed afternoon club again, but I made it in time to be part of the evening activities.  Of course, we closed out the night at BW3 again.

Thursday, I had a dentist appointment – regular six-month cleaning – in preparation for gum surgery on Monday morning!  I got a passing report from my dentist – no cavities, no issues.  Hubby and I then dropped my car off at Midas to have the windshield wipers checked out – they had stopped working at the end of January; we figured it probably had something to do with the motor, and, as we know nothing about these things, we had to take it to the shop for confirmation.  I spent the rest of the day working before receiving a call from Midas explaining that the wiper motor had been frozen!  They took it apart, thawed the whole thing out, and refilled the wiper fluid at no cost!  I love our friends at Midas!  They have been taking care of our vehicles since 2007, and I refuse to go anywhere else…  I highly recommend them!  When we picked up my car, we dropped off Hubby’s truck – it had an interesting rattling/buzzing noise that needed to be checked out on Friday morning.

Friday, I spent the morning working and then took Doodle out to lunch for a mom and daughter date.  Our original plan was to also work on a research paper at the library, but it turned out all of the books we needed were not on the shelf!  We ended up finding some books at home and working on an outline before I went back to work for the afternoon.  Late that day, we also learned from Midas, that the noise in Hubby’s truck was from (and I’m going to butcher this) was from a part whose bearings had seized at some point causing the belt to fray; the part and the belt needed replaced.  They also found that the tires were barely legal based on wear and that the wear patterns showed that the original shocks (well past their 50K mile limit) needed to be replaced!  After evaluating the situation, we decided to replace the tires and the part with its belt but to wait on shocks as we are considering how much time the truck has left with us…  yes, I still love Midas; I don’t necessarily like all of our vehicles!

Friday night we had an Awana event at church; K-Cat had a friend (we’ll call her Minecrafter – cause, like my girls, she loves that game) sleepover afterwards.  Doodle went to Dancer’s sleepover birthday party – they went out to see Frozen (which made it her third time seeing that one), and Loo Hoo and I watched late night movies at home.

Hubby and I spent most of Saturday preparing for my gum surgery on Monday – shopping for “soft” foods, cleaning, etc.  It is amazing how much there is to do when you know you will be out of commission for nearly a week!  That night we went to the Gamers’ house after watching their son play indoor soccer – who knew they even had such a thing!?  We had a great time playing games and eating pizza; this has definitely become a favorite way to spend a weekend night!

Sunday was ridiculously busy – church in the morning, bible quizzing practice for K-Cat immediately after, and then a volunteer appreciation event at Water Park of America all afternoon.  Then Loo Hoo and K-Cat headed back to church for Foundations classes – it was a fun day, but definitely a crazy busy one!

After surgery - this is how I spent much of this past week...
After surgery – this is how I spent much of this past week…

On Monday morning, I headed out to Southdale Periodontics for gum grafting – the surgery took a little over two hours, and the rest of my week is kind of a blur after that.  I took Vicodin for pain, ate pudding and Instant Breakfast, slept a lot Monday afternoon, and then took some more Vicodin at dinner time with mashed potatoes.  It was then that the Vicodin and my stomach decided they did not get along!  I fought being sick for about five hours before losing pitifully around 10:30 at night!  Once my stomach was sufficiently emptied by force, I slept…  in the living room, in the recliner as my head needed to be higher than my heart.  I slept for nearly 14 hours!

When I woke up on Tuesday, I did some email, rested, and helped the girls with school while fighting off pain with a high dose of Motrin and trying to find soft foods to eat.  I slept in the chair again Tuesday, and Wednesday night.  I did manage to work most of Wednesday – the day of the worst swelling.  It wasn’t too bad really – I had been very diligent with the ice on/ice off routine since Monday morning.  There was no Awana this week, and, as I couldn’t eat wings and I needed to rest, we stayed home from BW3 this week.

Thursday I was able to work all day and even got to sleep in my own bed again!  As a result of being out of routine and on pain meds most of the week, today has been a huge catch-up day for me with work…  I have a new analyst starting next Tuesday so I spent a lot of time making arrangements for his week as I will be traveling part of the time.  I also caught up on email through part of the week!

The girls spent the morning at Nickelodeon Universe with the Bingo Buddies before Loo Hoo and Doodle headed off to Grace for a junior high weekend retreat.  K-Cat is trying not to be bored spending the night here at home with just me and Hubby while I update the blog and Hubby tries to fix Doodle’s laptop which has contracted some strange bug…  what fun!  I am definitely healing – the hard part now will be being patient until my follow up appointment to get all of these stitches out of my mouth in TEN days!  UGH – I miss eating pizza and cookies!


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