2014 – Day 23 thru 26 – January 23 thru 26

Manhattan Skyline in the daytime
Manhattan Skyline in the daytime

So I DID get to drive through New York City in the daylight!  It was pretty awesome to see the skyline even if it was from the George Washington Bridge.  I’m definitely feeling much braver about a trip into The Big Apple one day to walk in Central Park and on Times Square.

My Thursday morning started with a client presentation and training in New Jersey before catching a ride back to JFK Airport for my flight home.  Dinner was Wendy’s at the airport before the flight took off at 6:30 p.m.  I transferred in Detroit and landed in Minneapolis around 10:30 p.m.; I was home by 11:30 – a late night, but a good trip home.  Uneventful – which is perfect for a trip like this!

New York City from the window of Delta flight home
New York City from the window of Delta flight home

Friday morning, K-Cat and I went on a school field trip to the Mill City Museum.  She was there a few years ago with Mema and PawPaw, but I had never been.  It was a fun morning and K-Cat was really excited to have Lunchables for lunch.  Being interested in local history, it was fun for me to learn more about how this area of the country was settled and developed.  Hubby met me at work afterwards and took K-Cat back home so I could work for a couple of hours.

There's a train INSIDE the terminal in Detroit!
There’s a train INSIDE the terminal in Detroit!

It snowed again Friday night right before I had to drive home and was very cold, so for dinner I made grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup (K-Cat had been asking for grilled cheese for several weeks!).  Loo Hoo left for a weekend retreat with the church (hopefully, she has not been too cold all weekend).  We then spent the night organizing school schedules for the girls, working on emails, and paying bills.

A baking lab at Mill City Museum with K-Cat
A baking lab at Mill City Museum with K-Cat

Saturday morning it was even colder!  I walked on the treadmill (about 3 miles) – watched the first part of Say Anything to pass the time – then showered and worked on my Sunday school lesson for this week.  Because it was way too cold to go anywhere and the house was already relatively clean, we spent the afternoon curled up together in the family room watching Back to the Future and Back to the Future 2.  Dinner was Papa John’s – so glad they are open in Chanhassen and that they deliver!  We had a regular crust pepperoni and a thin crust buffalo chicken (with banana peppers)… and we even have leftovers!

Even K-Cat's teacher got in on the action at the water lab!
Even K-Cat’s teacher got in on the action at the water lab!

After tucking the girls in for the night, I then spent a couple of hours reviewing possible races (5K, 10K, and Half Marathons) for the spring and finding a training schedule.  Jay Pea and I connected on Skype to talk about possible races and, of course, build a spreadsheet to track our ideas – the first deadline for registration is next week – for a 5K in March.  We’ll see how training goes over the next week and a half and then make a commitment…

Speaking of which, wish me luck with training – today was a stretching and strengthening day, but Monday is my next run day (3 miles).  It’s hard to prioritize running right now even though I really do want to run!  I’ve been looking for exercises to stave off iliac crest pain (that’s the top of your hip bone – and my latest complaint against running).  Mine started flaring up when I was on crutches for my stress fracture last summer/fall.  So far it looks like hip abduction and adduction exercises are best to strengthen the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles…  that and ice and ibuprofen after running should help.  I’ll try it anyway before heading back to the orthopedist for other ideas if that doesn’t help.  I’m definitely feeling like a real runner as I learn the physiology of running…

Skyline through the George Washington Bridge
Skyline through the George Washington Bridge

After waking up early to make time for stretching, K-Cat, Doodle, and I headed off to church.  The Sunday school lesson was about Elijah and the false prophets of Baal.  Elijah built a temple with 12 stones; I was in charge of the 1st grade class activity today, so I had them paint rocks – this is not an activity I recommend for 1st graders!  Paint and water gets spilled very easily.  It also gets on elbows of Sunday clothes!  In the end, all was well, and the kids went home with a couple of painted rocks and an understanding of how Elijah prayed expectantly and God answered his prayer.

It’s Awana Quizzing time again, which means after church, we had quizzing practice for an hour before heading out to lunch (Wendy’s) and then home where Hubby headed off for his nap and the girls and I read information about adoption that we had picked up at church this morning.  It is One Less Sunday for Grace so there was a focus on children at risk; very interesting information.

Loo Hoo got home from the retreat before dinner so I drove to the church to get her.  We swung through the Taco Bell drive-through to take dinner home and then settled everyone down to watch Back to the Future 3.

 It is cold enough here again tonight that many schools are going to be closed tomorrow (many were closed anyway due to end of semester planning) and the temps are forecasted to be ridiculously cold again on Tuesday!  Our girls will get to do school anyway – the joy of online school…  but with a current wind chill of -24 right now, Hubby and I may be sleeping upstairs again.  This is truly becoming, as Bill Murray says in Groundhog Day, “It’s gonna be cold; it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life!”  =P


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