2014 – Day 22 – January 22

This is WHY I don't drive in New York!
This is WHY I don’t drive in New York!

Tonight I am in Parsippany, New Jersey – well, I’m almost in Parsippany.  At this very moment, I am actually passing through Newark on my way from JFK Airport.  It’s been a pretty amazing drive this time – right through lower Manhattan, across the Williamsburg Bridge, and through the Holland Tunnel into New Jersey!  Have I mentioned that I love seeing new sites?  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to see some of these places in the daylight…  I tried to take some pics with my phone; they’re not great, but maybe it will help you share some of my excitement about being in The Big Apple. I know it’s silly, but I was so excited to find myself actually IN Manhattan!

Manhattan Skyline from Williamsburg Bridge
Manhattan Skyline from Williamsburg Bridge

Dinner tonight?  Well, so far, it’s been M&M’s on the airplane, but I’m hoping to meet up with a coworker for dinner at the hotel once I get there.  It’s been a long afternoon, and I’m definitely getting hungry…  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Hubby and the girls will have McDonald’s after Awana ends – just a hunch!

This morning, Loo Hoo had an interview for her first real job!  She is going to be a Teacher’s Aide at a local daycare center (it’s a small Christian place owned by The Musician’s mom).  Loo Hoo will work three half-days a week to begin with starting in a little over a week!  She is so excited to do something she has dreamed about for many years – she will even get to see The Musician’s (and The Boss’s, of course) kids there some times!  It is amazing to see how God is bringing things into her life as she nears the end of high school, and it is fun to see His faithfulness in providing things that make her truly happy.

Check out the mannequins in the windows in the building in SoHo (Manhattan)
Check out the mannequins in the windows in the building in SoHo (Manhattan)

I had a couple of calls for work this morning before heading off to the airport.  It was a very cold and icy morning one in the Minneapolis today – there were six cars in the ditch on my drive to the airport!  Glad Hubby decided to drive all of the girls to Awana so Loo Hoo didn’t have to drive tonight.  On another note, my windshield wipers stopped working!  Will be interesting to see if they work when I get back or if I will need to take the car into the shop – it has to be an easy fix, right?  A fuse maybe?

My flights were on time and relatively smooth; I made my connection at Ronald Regan in Washington DC with no issues…  we did sit on the runway for some time both at MSP and at DCA, but I suppose that is to be expected when you are traveling in January after a very big storm has just moved through the area.  I am grateful for the break in the weather and am looking forward to presenting and training tomorrow – I definitely love my job!

Entering the Holland Tunnel in Manhattan
Entering the Holland Tunnel in Manhattan

Well, looks like we are getting close to the hotel now – good thing, my laptop battery is low and my cell phone battery has died…  time to find some plugs and some dinner!


2 thoughts on “2014 – Day 22 – January 22

    1. I actually had to look that up! Turns out the tunnel in MIB is the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. Turns out the Holland Tunnel is in a movie with Slyvester Stalone from 1996, “Daylight” – good thing I’ve never seen that one! Not sure how excited I would have been to be in it with that in the back of my mind…

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