2014 – Days 20 & 21 – January 20 & 21

Yesterday flew by in a whirlwind of cleaning, catching up on email, and trying to stay warm!  I ran (okay, mostly walked) on the treadmill while watching a couple episodes from Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother – the Friends of the current 20-something generation (at least according to Jay Pea).  It did distract me enough to go 3 miles – hopefully I can do it again tomorrow morning. Nike

It was a school holiday so the girls friend, Jewel (yep, that’s only part of her name – our Bingo Buddies’ oldest daughter), came over for a few hours to hang out.  Hubby worked on moving our TV and rearranging some things in the TV room before making spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.  He tried to be sneaking by mixing whole grain and regular spaghetti noodles together; we did all eat it, but I still think the whole grain noodles have a sand texture.  Of course, I love spaghetti – so I ate a big plate of it anyway!

It was back to dance class last night for K-Cat and Doodle; they are learning tap now as part of the dance routine for their Musical Theater class – it’s a little harder than either of them anticipated, but the frustration and extra practice is good for them.  Loo Hoo and I did some grocery shopping after dropping them off then picked them up and everyone headed for bed to be ready for school on Tuesday.

This morning, we were back to our regular school year routines!  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…  I love vacation, but a really, really love being back in a regular routine!!  I had an early morning call and then it was off to the office for me, off to work for Hubby, and off to MOPS babysitting for the girls.

K-Cat had a recording session this afternoon for a CD the children’s choir is putting together again this year at church.  She gets a solo this year!  Hubby took her over for that and then came home and made turkey loaf, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad for dinner – he’s amazing!  I’m pretty sure I’d go hungry a lot of the time if he didn’t make sure we had regular dinners…  that, or I’d eat out A LOT more!

After dinner, I reviewed school lessons with K-Cat and Doodle, packed for my trip to New Jersey for work, helped Loo Hoo find an outfit for her interview tomorrow, and then spent some time reading with Doodle and K-Cat before tucking them in for the night.  I’ve got some loose ends to wrap up here for work before calling it a night – but no more than two hours as I’m sticking to my resolution to be in bed by 1 a.m. (at least when we are not on vacation!)…


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