2014 – Day 7 – January 7

So, I think I realized today why I may have stopped blogging on a daily basis…  our lives are pretty routine and there is really not much to share on most days!  Dinner tonight was leftover Gold Star Chili and a little bit of leftover prime rib.  Hubby also made garlic toast which was a nice treat.

It was so cold here last night that everyone slept on the main level of the house instead of in basement bedrooms – the girls all had a sleepover in Doodle’s room, and Hubby and I took the guest room.  I’m glad that it is warmer tonight (if only slightly), and we can all be back in our own beds.  It was a little easier to get up this morning, however, being upstairs where it is not quite as cold…  Breakfast this morning was leftover Japanese noodles from Kai’s Sushi – an awesome way to start my day – and coffee (of course)!

My day was made up, as usual, of calls, emails, and project work followed by checking the girls’ school work.  I did get to study with Doodle for a couple of end of semester tests this evening and pack for vacation also – I know it’s still early, but we figured it was best to be prepared.  In case you’re wondering, yes – I worked through lunch again today!

There was also time tonight for a quick call with Jay Pea to hear how her week at home is going and a call with Mema and PawPaw to catch up on news from Colorado before tucking the younger girls in and watching TV for a while with Loo Hoo and Hubby.  I also worked some more on a blanket I am crocheting for Jay Pea – hoping to have it done before it is too warm for her to use it!

So… truly not much to tell – a very content and satisfying life…  I do best after all with routine and structure, and it makes blogging about the day very quick and easy…  looking forward to another routine day tomorrow and warmer temperatures!


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