2014 – Day 6 – January 6

We had dinner at home again tonight; pretty amazing to me that we have not eaten out yet for dinner this year.  Maybe it’s all in my mind that we eat out more than we eat in…  I guess blogging is one way to know for sure!  Tonight was ribs and leftovers.  Not a bad dinner, but I’m not really a fan of ribs – they are very messy, and I think the stress of work, knowing I need to pack, and trying to keep the girls moving forward on school, kind of turned my appetite some…  maybe it was simply working all day without eating lunch!  I did eat a rib and some of the leftover veggies, but I ended up having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with potato chips on it for dessert.

I managed to pull myself out of my nice warm bed this morning to face temps well below zero outside and probably somewhere in the low 60s in my basement bedroom!  I had my third breakfast in a row of leftover chicken & dumplings (told Hubby tonight to throw the rest of those leftovers as I don’t think I could eat them for another morning in a row).  Then it was time for work – emails, calls, and catching up on projects.  I was assigned another new project today; this one goes through February at least – will get more details later this week.

At about 6 p.m. I realized that I had not been up from my desk since about 9:30 this morning!  Luckily, it was almost time for dinner so I had a good reason to stop working for a while.  My original plan for the evening was to check the girls’ school work and then watch some TV with Hubby, start packing, and maybe do some crocheting.  Unfortunately, Doodle has been struggling with some of her end of semester tests, so Hubby and I are taking turns working through subjects with her tonight instead…  it’s a good night to hold my own plans loosely, not take life too seriously, and to be grateful for the little things like heaters!


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