2014 – Day 4 – January 4

Tonight was a very laid-back dinner – we had buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips (Jay Pea’s special recipe) and Reuben dip with crackers (Grandpa’s new recipe) along with some sliced Jennie-O Turkey Breast.  No one was really hungry after the big, wonderful lunch we had this afternoon – more about that to follow…

For the first Saturday of the new year, I slept in until after 10 a.m. – mostly because I stayed up too late last night working on organizing pictures (and, truth be told, playing Facebook games)…  both facts which bring me to my next two resolutions for 2014.  First, no staying up past 1 a.m. (I will set an alarm on my phone if I need to as I tend to lose track of time when I’m up late, and, before I know it, it is after 3 a.m.)!  Second, no Facebook games!!  I have decided that these are like a black hole to me – they suck me in and I end up spending hours playing games and then feeling bad about the things that I did not get done…  so, today, I deleted all of the Facebook games off of my phone and my Facebook page (wish me luck on this one!)…

Once everyone was up and around, we piled into two cars and headed south to The Jordans’ house for a family get-together complete with a big lunch and lots of cousins!  In case you don’t remember, The Jordan’s are Hubby’s aunt and uncle (and, while they don’t live in Jordan anymore, they did for many years)…  we had lasagna, hot dish, Jell-O, banana bread (Loo Hoo’s new favorite food), and salad.  There was sledding and talking and even some playing Princess School (that’s like school for the girl cousins but with a purely princess spin – learning important things like how to wave and how to rule a kingdom).  We finished our afternoon with ice cream sundaes before heading back out into the cold for the drive home.

After our dinner of appetizers, The Godparents came over to visit and to watch some football.  It was fun to catch up with so much family today – a good way to start the new year looking ahead to graduations, weddings, and reunion!  After our company left, we spent the rest of the evening watching the end of the football game and working on pictures from 2013…  we’re making progress!


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