2014 – Day 3 – January 3

IMG_0374Dinner tonight was Prime Rib!  Grandpa cooked it here at the house – pretty amazing; definitely a melt-in-your-mouth meal.  Hubby made mashed potatoes with the skins on and warmed up frozen veggies.  We also had Poppers or Crackers (depending on where you’re from, I suppose).  They are tubes wrapped in fancy paper that you pull both ends apart to make a loud popping noise.  Once open, inside is a paper crown, a joke or trivia, and usually some small Cracker Jack-like toy.  When I was very little, my family had these in England, and they actually contained a small figurine of an animal (pretty good quality, as I remember having those figurines for years after at Christmases).  Several years ago (maybe” many” years ago), Nana and Grandpa discovered the American version, and we have had them every year since.  This year’s didn’t have toys though, just paper crowns, jokes, and trivia – they sure were pretty though!


As it is Friday, I had to work again today – a couple of calls and then back on my big project until early afternoon when we all headed out to Chick Fila for lunch!  It is so fun to be able to say that in Minnesota!  We have waited for over six years for a Chick Fila to open up here, and now we have four of them (and one is actually a reasonable driving distance from the house!).  I had the grilled nuggets – a first for me (part of a kid’s meal if you want to try them).  They were tiny but very good if you’re not too hungry.

On the drive home, we stopped by Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor to return a couple of things from our shopping trip yesterday and then headed back up to Hopkins to see another billboard with Jay Pea’s picture on it – part of her school’s current advertising campaign!  We figured if we were going to be outside at all over the next week, today and tomorrow were the days to do it…  the Weather Channels is predicting a high of -15 here on Monday!

From there it was a quick stop at Target for a grocery fill-up trip and to return a couple of things before heading home.  I spent the rest of the afternoon working on organizing pictures from 2013 – the goal is to make a yearbook (we’ll see how that goes!).  We definitely take a lot of pictures; it’s quite the job to organize them!

After dinner, we watched National Lampoon Christmas Vacation – our last Christmas movie for the season – and packed up all of the Christmas decorations!  The house always looks so empty when everything is put away, but it was nice to have it all cleaned up and to put all of the furniture back in its regular places.  Then, before bed it was time to put on new nails and paint everyone’s fingers and toes so that we are ready for vacation in a few more days…  we just have to make it through the record-setting cold that is predicted for next week!  Brrrrr!  



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