2014 – Day 2 – January 2

photo 1

Tonight we tried a new slow-cooker recipe – Chicken & Dumplings…  the verdict?  We loved it; well, I loved it anyway, and I think the girls liked it, except for Doodle who ate the chicken but not the dumplings.  Hubby made homemade split pea soup (his personal favorite) as he is not a dumpling fan either.  Jay Pea made toasted garlic bread – on the stove top!  And, we also had popcorn chicken – neither of those were in the original dinner plan, but…  well, I’ll get to that in my recap of the day.

photo 2

Hubby and I both had to work today; so, I got up early and did what I could do before heading off to lunch with Jay Pea for an afternoon date.  We went to Kai’s Sushi in Chanhassen.  While we weren’t brave enough to try anything with the words “eel” or “spicy” in the description, we did have a wonderful Captain Crunch roll and a Deluxe Rainbow roll along with a couple sides of noodles.  It was a fun treat and not bad for a hole-in-the-wall sushi joint in Chanhassen.  From there, we headed off to Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet to update our wardrobes.  I found a jacket, a pair of jeans, and several shirts and sweaters as well as boots for Doodle, leggings for K-Cat, and some shirts for Hubby.  Jay Pea also came home with some new treasures – a very successful day of consignment shopping!

Sushi lunch 010214

After a quick fashion show at home, it was time to think about finishing up dinner so we could eat when Nana and Grandpa arrived tonight.  I added dumplings to the chicken and broth that had been slow cooking all day; I, however, did not realize that the slow cooker had been turned down to low…  the result, the dumplings did not cook quickly.  Unfortunately, we did not discover this until about 15 minutes before we wanted to eat.  So, Hubby and Jay Pea jumped in to make garlic toast and popcorn chicken to go with the split pea soup in the other crock-pot.  Well, long-story-short, when we turned up the heat on the slow-cooker, the dumplings finished at the same time as the chicken, so we decided to simply serve it all!  Dessert was Dairy Queen Snicker Blizzard cake for Nana’s birthday which we celebrated (only a day late)…

After dinner, it was time for Nana to open her birthday present, which inspired everyone else to want to open Christmas presents.  Initially, we thought we could hold off and do Christmas presents tomorrow – but it was way too hard to wait!  It was fun to spend time laughing and getting and giving more gifts.  Nana and Jay Pea even found a way to make Hubby and me sing for our gifts…  I’m already planning our revenge for next Christmas!

Our night ended with watching clips on YouTube from “Fiddler on the Roof” and watching the girls sing and dance – yes, they are still talking about seeing the show last week with Mema, PawPaw, and Sis – such fun memories to cherish for the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

On a side note, I came up with my second resolution for the New Year while I was shopping yesterday.  I realized that, while I love working primarily at home, the drawback is that most days I don’t get dressed until very late in the day and it makes it harder for me to take the time to take care of myself – so, to help reduce stress and to stay in better health, I am resolving to get up, shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast in the morning every day – even when I have nowhere to go!  Wish me luck – it is really hard to do on morning when the temp is WAY below ZERO!


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