2014 – Day 1 – January 1

Dinner tonight was Skyline Chili AND Gold Star Chili…  we were down to our last two cans of Skyline so we were forced to make Gold Star using spice packets (not really a good substitute, but, when you don’t live in Cincinnati, you do what you have to do to get your fix).  Either way, it was the perfect New Year’s Day dinner as it is definitely a favorite of the four oldest members in our family, and we only get to have it a few times each year…  (big sigh!)  I think Skyline is what I miss most about Cincinnati, right behind – of course – hanging out with our friends, the Skyline Dealers!  For those who know and are wondering, btw – we had our chili as a 3-way and, of course, with coneys (yes, mustard; no, onion).

Other than that, our day was mostly spent shopping and watching TV AND being grateful for heaters!  I’m pretty sure the high today was below ZERO!

We all slept in until well after 10 a.m. due mostly to welcoming in the New Year yesterday and staying up watching “Friends” until 3 a.m. (well, those of us who were able to stay awake that long anyway).  Once everyone was up and dressed, we headed off to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch which turned out to be what pretty much everyone else in Chanhassen did today!  Yes, there was a crowd, and we are so NOT used to waiting for a table there!

After that, we headed to Target for some after Christmas sale shopping and groceries.  Our next round of Christmas company arrives tomorrow, and we needed some essentials – like Pop Tarts!  We also found swimsuits for the girls as we are on the final countdown to our next vacation and much warmer temperatures!

We then dropped Hubby and the two younger girls off at home, and Jay Pea, Loo Hoo, and I headed back out – our plan was to do some shopping at Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet, but they were both closed for the holiday today (guess that’s one way for us to save some money!).  So, instead, we hit up Menard’s and Walgreen’s after Christmas sales – not much appealed to us at either place, but we did end up with some interesting “Hunger Games” themed chocolate bars that we had for dessert after dinner.  One of them (the Livestock District) had beef jerky in it – yes, we were brave enough to try it!  Not bad, but probably not something I would seek out!  I did like the District 12 (Mining) one with salt in it.

When we were back home and thawed out, I spent the afternoon working on organizing pictures and drafting a graduation book for Loo Hoo before making dinner.  After dinner, it was family time with a couple episodes of “Once Upon a Time” – we’re almost to the end of the current season, and then it was off to bed for me and Loo Hoo.  She has to work early tomorrow, and I was simply exhausted – hopefully that is NOT a theme for this New Year!


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