A family getaway…

Tonight we are Up North – yesterday started our week out of town for Thanksgiving!  We spent last night looking at pictures from 1992 to 2002 and hanging out with Jay Pea who came to visit us…  We went to one of our favorite pizza places last night for dinner – a little family-owned restaurant near Nisswa called Tasty Pizza.  If you ever make it there, be sure to order the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza WITH onions and pickles!

Today, we started our day playing in the hot tub that is in our condo and watching a Christmas movie.  Hubby took the girls over to the swimming pool for about an hour and then we all headed into town.  Loo Hoo and Jay Pea got haircuts while Hubby and I took the other girls grocery shopping.  We are now stocked with snacks and even a couple new games to play this week.

When we were back at the condo, Hubby made pork roast for dinner and then we headed back to the pool house – this time to play ping pong and have coffee at the coffee shop.  I did a little bit of work, but one of the share sites is down tonight so (darn!) I have to take a break from working tonight!  =P  So, instead, we watched Fred Claus on ABC Family – part of the “Countdown to the 25 Days to Christmas Countdown”  Is it funny to anyone else that there is a countdown to the countdown?

Now, Hubby is watching Sunday Night Football, Doodle and K-Cat are playing Minecraft and Skyping with friends in The Cities, and Loo Hoo and I are watching TV.  The plan is to look at more family pictures before bedtime!  I love family getaways!!


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