We’ve started another one

We started watching Treasure Island today!  Of course, we probably won’t have time to finish it until next Saturday night now, but it was fun to hang out and at least start another Disney movie.  I have never read the story by Robert Louis Stevenson, and I’ve never watched any of movie version of the story, so the whole plot line is new to me.  I am excited to see what happens with Long John Silver and Jim.  If you are familiar with the story, we are only to the part where Long John has rounded up a crew and they are meeting the squire for the first time – so no spoilers!

This fall has been a busy one at our house.  We seem to have something going on nearly every night and our days are filled with work and school.  Doodle and K-Cat are taking dance lessons – nothing too hard, mostly fun theater-type dancing.  Loo Hoo is officially driving now which makes it much easier on us to get everyone to where they need to be.

Today started out with church – I’m teaching Sunday school this year.  I was able to move up with my class from last year.  It is great fun to see them continuing to grow in their understanding of whom Jesus is and of whom they are.  It is also fun to be with kids who are much younger than my own and to get to know their parents!

After church, K-Cat and I stayed for drama practice.  She is in a couple of skits this year and is excited to be doing ministry through drama again this year.  Loo Hoo had to stay for a small group leader meeting – she is leading a group of 7th grade girls this year!  We all went to Jimmy John’s for lunch and then came home to watch our movie.

We would have gotten further into the movie, but we took a big break to connect with Jay-Pea on Skype.  It’s always fun to get to talk to her.  We are planning to connect again so we can all watch Once together tonight!  Right now, Loo Hoo and K-Cat are at bible study groups – it’s pizza night when they get home and then we launch into another busy week!  Thankful for a great day of family, fellowship, and fun…


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