A Movie about a Lamb

Tonight LooHoo and I watched So Dear to My Heart – a live-action and animation Disney movie released in 1948.  This is our 13th Disney movie this summer, and we have to admit that summer is now pretty much over.  We are going to try to continue to watch Disney movies through the school year as we’ve had such a good time with this.

So Dear to My Heart is the story of a little boy, Jeremiah Kincaid, and his lamb, Danny.  It takes place at the turn of the century in a small farm community.  There is a strong Christian theme to this movie – bible stories, lessons from Granny about trusting God, and a lot of talk about prayer.  I was surprised by the focus on Danny’s being a black sheep and how much he is looked down on or less valued because of that right until the end!  Shows how little I know about shepherding and breeding, I suppose.

We both really enjoyed this movie; there were several cute folk songs, square dancing, and a couple little songs about the boy and the lamb sung by the boy’s blacksmith uncle.  LooHoo thought the sheep was really cute also, especially when he was a baby.  This movie is not really for young kids today as many of them would get bored watching it unless they really love animal movies.


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