A great surprise for us…

We had an unexpected surprise in my email the other day – a link to an online version of Song of the South from Paw Paw!  We were so excited at the thought of actually getting to see this movie after having resigned ourselves to missing this one…  so, tonight, we watched it – all 94 minutes of the original Disney version!  It was definitely worth it – despite the controversy around this movie, Loo Hoo and I both really enjoyed it. 

This movie was released originally in 1946 and is a very cute story about a boy from Atlanta who visits his grandmother’s plantation where he meets Uncle Remus and learns all about Brer Rabbit – a rabbit who always seems to “stick his foot in it.”  Some of the dialogue was hard to understand and some of the phrases were so old fashioned Southern that we weren’t always sure what the characters were saying.  However, the songs are classic, and the stories of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear were actually very familiar to us from years of seeing clips of Disney movies.  It was a wonderful treat to be able to see the whole thing from start to finish! 

I do have to say that it wasn’t one of Loo Hoo’s favorites, but she did enjoy the songs and was glad to see the movie that Splash Mountain is based on.  I’d have to echo that – it’s not one that I would watch over and over but the songs are very catchy and fun to sing!  All in all, we both give it a thumb’s up! 

What a fun way to start my birthday week!


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