Disney war propaganda

File:Alexander P. de Seversky (Victory through Air Power).jpgBelieve it or not, we are actually able to watch Disney movies again tonight!  Jay Pea is home; she is watching part of the first one with us – then she is off to visit some friends.  Today was gymnastics for K-Cat and piano lessons for Doodle so it’s been a busy day at our house.  Before I get to our review of the next Disney movie, I have to share the excitement at my office today! 

I had been at work for about an hour when the fire alarms went off in our 18-story building.  We are on the 7th floor; so I grabbed my computer and my purse and followed my coworkers out to the stairwell.  Several of us took off our heels and headed down in bare feet.  There was smoke in the cafeteria on the first floor so we followed the crowd out into the common area.  It case you didn’t hear, Minneapolis is in the middle of a mid-summer heat wave with indexes greater than 100 degrees.  So, we stood on the office lawn in the muggy heat and watched as the St. Louis Park fire department showed up, followed by six other neighboring city fire departments including Excelsior!  There was still no smoke outside of the building, but after about an hour and half we learned that there had been an electrical fire in the basement of the building and we would not be allowed back into the building for several hours. 

It was at this time that we decided to head for the parking ramp to see if they would let us take our cars and go home.  Turned out to be a good thing that we were not parked underground in the executive parking as those cars were not allowed to leave (the garage door would not open as the power was out).  I walked up the parking ramp (four floors still in my bare feet), found my car and headed for home to work the rest of the afternoon.  I suppose there are worse ways to spend a late morning than sitting in the grass visiting with coworkers. 

Now back to our Disney Summer Movie Event… after Bambi, we watched Victory Through Air Power.  This little-known Disney movie came out in 1943, about halfway through World War II.  The movie begins with the history of aviation which we found very interesting and well animated.  The second half of the movie is Alexander de Seversky explaining his theories of air warfare from his book (Victory Through Air Power) published in 1942.  We both found the theories very engaging which is precisely what they were designed to be as the film has a definite war propaganda feel to it.  Despite that, I would definitely recommend it to anyone studying World War II or to anyone interested in military air warfare. 

My favorite part is the illustration of Japan as an octopus when de Seversky explains how we should attack them to effectively win the war.  LooHoo found the movie very interesting in the mix of theory and history and would love to know if we actually won the war using any of de Seversky’s theories. 

As this was a fairly long review, I’ll stop here – next up Saludos Amigos! and The Three Caballeros…


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